Urgent Call To Inner Work

kabbalahlc_calltoinnerworkemailsize You are invited to a special workshop on Thursday, March 10 at 8pm EST (North America) on kab.tv.

I will guide a special Question & Answer Workshop as the World Group begins its inner preparation for the coming state of unity that will be realized at the WE! Convention.


This workshop is a unique opportunity for you to bring your desire, doubts, questions and start uniting now!

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  1. Yay! Thats very lovely 🙂

  2. I am sometimes very confused. Should I always say opposite of what I think? should I only sometimes say opposite of what I think? if so when? it is as if like everyone is saying opposite things to what they think. I think I am making a technical mistake or something. somebody must be babysitting me all the time if there is this vice versa thing. I cant make it at all because I dont know where I am standing most of the time and when I should lie. is it really a technical thing to lie? Thank you in advance.

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