The Pictures Of Reality That Come To Life

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe true reality is the Creator because He exists on His own, independent of any additional force. He just exists and that’s all! However, the existence of any other reality except the Creator depends on two opposing forces.

None of them alone can provide this existence. Only due to their connection, they produce grains of our temporary, artificial, short-lived reality, which is called creation (Beria) because it is outside (Bar), outside of the Creator, and exists only under certain conditions. This artificial reality is our life today.

However, the Creator has given us the opportunity to understand and connect creation from below upward with the help of two opposing forces: bestowal and reception. Thus, we complete the universe, which was created by the propagation of these two forces from above to below, adding to it our own consent from below to above. It turns out that we seemingly bring to life the artificial creation that was created by the Creator, making it real.

By our consent, accepting the Creator’s thought in order to assemble ourselves from two opposing forces at every step from below to above, we give creation the real force, being the Creator’s partners as equals, on the same degree. After all, we take His mind, His direction, and His attitude, and we add this upper divine mind and attitude to the forms that spread from above to below, due to which they seemingly rise from below to above.

The two forms, receiving and bestowal, come to us already prepared. We are not responsible for the evil, egoistic nature and, moreover, for the kind nature of bestowal. However, due to our yearning for good properties, we make our own contribution, achieving understanding, knowledge, adding our personal attitude that is becoming united with the Creator.

What matters is not the two forces themselves, receiving and bestowal, but their connection—consequence, “derivative”—the notion of unity that is born out of the work of the mind and heart.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/16/13, Writings of Rabash

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