To Stand Before The Creator And Become Like Him

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the world, in reality, there are only two forces: the force of the Creator and the “force of the created being that the Creator intentionally gave to it in the opposite form. This force is opposite to the Creator, thanks to which the creature steps outside the boundaries of His degree and acquires its own reality. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be able to exist.

In our world, a “created being” is someone who possesses matter of the still, vegetative, or animate degrees. If spiritual existence signifies a personal reality outside of the upper force, then in our world, the upper force doesn’t manifest to us openly, which is why we define reality by the existence of matter.

In spirituality, it is not the matter but autonomy that counts. In order to be a created being, one has to be autonomous. The degree of the creature’s independence determines to what extent it can consider itself as an authentically existing being.

In our world, we do not take babies and children seriously because they have not gained independence yet. Only as an adult does a person become autonomous, and then he is treated accordingly.

Likewise, in spirituality, no matter what rung the creature is at (the still, vegetative, or animate), the determining factor is whether it has a personal status before the Creator. And in order to stand before the Creator, a person first has to become aware that the Creator exists, meaning that He exists before him, and that they are opposite to each other.

Then, in this opposite state, the work begins. A person divides the entire reality into two: the Creator and I, the reality that I observe. And afterward, he chooses what is more important.

In fact, in order to give independence to the creature, the Creator brought it outside Himself and gave it a sensation of existing on its own. And now, the creature must make a correct use of getting to know itself outside of the Creator, as if He doesn’t exist at all, as if He disappears from its view, from its desire. With the help of forces and instruments that the Creator provides, the creature must find the correct attitude to Him. And this means that it has to accept the Creator’s power over itself, over its independence, without annulling it.

Then, on one hand, the creature keeps its status outside of the Creator, meaning it continues to receive pleasure into the receiving desires, without nullifying itself before the Creator. But on the other, by being autonomous in regard to the received pleasure and over it, the creature acquires equivalence to the Creator. Thus, the created being receives complete, total, autonomy.

However, it can occur only if the creature obeys both these conditions: It is willing to annul its attitude to the Creator if it doesn’t harm its desire (the will to receive). Thereby, the creature evolves in the middle line. On one hand, it keeps the desire for pleasure, while on the other, it acquires the form of bestowal that is the attribute of the Creator. In this way, the image of man, Adam, gets formed in it.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/14/2011, Writings of Rabash

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