Thought And Feeling

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How is thought connected to feeling in creation?

Answer: Malchut that raises its request, the black point of deficiency, is the feeling. But this feeling cannot take on a certain character, volume, or form if it isn’t incorporated in Hochma and Bina. These two forces are meant to build a form called Adam that resembles the Creator, out of the raw and formless desire.

After the request rises to Hochma and Bina two opposite forces begin to operate on it. One force cannot set the direction and there have to be two forces that operate in different directions. The force of receiving and the force of bestowal build a form that is similar to Keter out of the raw material, out of the deficiency of the lower.

Both Hochma and Bina come out of Keter and so Malchut rises to them and asks them: “Build me like Keter since you come out of Keter and know it. So please make me like it.” This is our whole fulfillment.

Malchut doesn’t know what Keter is because it is Above. It’s the “edge of Yod” that we attain. But “from Your actions we shall know You,” which means that we will understand the Creator according to what is made of us, and therefore it’s called a thought.

You don’t need to be very clever in order to fulfill this, since the less wise you become and the closer you are to your inner reality, the better. Spiritual wisdom does not depend on the corporeal mind. No Kabbalist is wiser than ordinary people and isn’t born a genius, but rather has average abilities within the framework of this world.

The need for spirituality is not a result of extra mental abilities or even emotional ones. It’s something that is totally independent of corporeal attributes. So there is nothing to worry about; if you have a desire that forces you to sit and study, it’s enough. It’s a sign that you can develop it, and not by knowledge and different debates. The wisdom comes later, as a result of the spiritual attainment. First, you discover the feeling and only then you grow wise by it. It works in a relatively opposite manner from this world in which the more coldly you think, like a computer or a machine, the better calculations you can make and the wiser you are.

In spirituality everything is the opposite since the spiritual vessel is based on emotion, on the desire to enjoy. All the accounts are in the desire to receive. If you don’t take this desire apart and start playing with it, you will have nothing to work with. How else will you reach the feeling, the understanding, and the attainment?

A thought is the force of Bina, and Bina is totally based on a strong feeling, since it’s the level of Hochma that wanted to resemble Keter. It’s like a guest who discovers that he wants to be like the host since otherwise he cannot exist.

The problem is not just to exist, but to exist in the Light of the host. But this is impossible if you don’t repay Him by at least treating Him as nicely as He treats you. You cannot pay Him like in a restaurant and compensate Him for the expenses He had in preparing the refreshments for you, for the cost of the products, the fuel, the work, plus 20%. He expects a feeling from you that is revealed in thought, in Bina. Everything is fulfilled in the vessel of feeling. So all our advancement stems from disappointment, from tension, and from a feeling of economic shortage, which we translate to a spiritual deficiency.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/14/13, The Book of Zohar – Introduction

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