“The Bookshelves Of Creation”

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How do we connect the worlds and the souls?

Answer: The entire creation is like a cabinet designed for books. And we put books into it. This cabinet is called a “book shelf.” This structure must be composed of ten Sefirot. And every still, vegetative, animate and “speaking” must fill these “shelves,” these ten Sefirot. The levels of the still, the vegetative, and the animate fill these “shelves” according to their structure and are called a “world” with regard to the person.

Does the person identify with this structure, the “bookshelf” itself? No. He only feels the levels of the still, vegetative, and animate. He doesn’t see the inner structure of the world that must be arranged according to the HaVaYaH, he only sees what fills it. I see the books but not the shelves. The shelves are a structure that come and are extended from above. If I begin to fill these shelves in the right way, then I discover that there is a particular order here. And before then I didn’t discover this.

The same thing happens with us in our world. We evolve and discover all kinds of phenomena. Suddenly, it is discovered that musical notes must be arranged in a particular order, that even colors are arranged in a unique order, also sound waves are arranged with particular wavelengths, and so with everything. For every unknown phenomenon that I investigate, I begin to discover in it a particular, unique order, unique laws. I discover how this phenomenon fills the original HaVaYaH, the shelves. But I don’t discover these shelves from the start.

Imagine a person who doesn’t understand anything about music even thousands of years before the development of listening to music and the creation of musical instruments and musical compositions. He begins to compose a tune. He doesn’t know what this is, he simply begins to play it in a natural way.

It is the same thing with languages. From where could I know that the Hebrew language is composed of 22 letters and another five final letters and that its structures need to be arranged in a form like this? I don’t know this. However, I exist within nature so I develop the language from it, I fill the shelves. Then the shelves are themselves called a “world.” The HaVaYaH was prepared for us; it extends from above to below. And with our efforts, we need to fill these “shelves” from below to above with books that we write. This is called our need to write the book of Torah on the board of our hearts, on the desire.

Question: Are the “worlds” something alive and changing?

Answer: No. This is a permanent structure, 125 levels.

Question: And the souls?

Answer: The souls also don’t exist; we need to cause the formation of the souls. There are 125 empty shelves and there are shattered sparks, vessels, Kelim. You need to organize and fill all of this.

You need to divide your desire into “Mocha,” “Atzamot,” “Gidin,” “Bassar,” and “Or” (marrow, bones, tendons, flesh and skin). You need to “slaughter” yourself, to remove the “Or” (skin) from yourself, to separate its inner layer (parchment) from the outside and begin to write on the parchment, the inside of the outer “Or” (skin) being the inner part of our “Or” (skin). And to write the Torah there, but not on the external part itself, rather on the inner part of the external part. And by writing this, you begin to fill all these shelves from the first words, “In the beginning God created…” to “Israel” at the end. With this you fill all 125 levels.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/24/13, The Zohar

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