A Construction Plan “HaVaYaH”

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “The Wisdom of Kabbalah and Philosophy”: … any spiritual quality equalizes with the corporeal quality like two drops in a pond. Thus, the relationships are of the utmost affinity and there is no separation between them, except in the substance: the spiritual consists of a spiritual substance and the corporeal consists of a corporeal substance.

If your matter works “to bestow,” it is spiritual and you experience spiritual phenomena; while if it is “for self gratification,” it is corporeal. All matter is contained within you since there is nothing outside of man.

There is a void, a “zero,” and inside it, a certain creature. And if this creature has an egoistic intention “for the self,” it perceives itself in a reality experienced within as “this world.” If a person has an intention to bestow, then the entire reality he feels, including himself, is regarded as spiritual. Outside of this person, there is nothing else that exists independently. Everything is present solely within man: either in his egoistic desires or the desire to bestow.

There is no “place” or reality that exists on its own. There is only a Law that has no definite image and is regarded as HaVaYaH (the Creator’s name). If we are corporeal, meaning that we wish to receive for ourselves, then we experience this Law as material bodies living in the corporeal world. And if we are in bestowal, we experience this Law as spiritual worlds and ourselves as souls.

As one so the other, both exist solely within a person, while in reality, both of these concepts are imagined. But we don’t regard spiritual forms as fictitious and illusory since all of them eventually get collected and put together as if folding up into a singular coil. They accumulate in the process of our advancement to finally bring us to the very initial form HaVaYaH that has existed forever, if only potentially.

It existed as a construction plan for a future house, while we have actualized this HaVaYaH as a result of our personal work. We as though created ourselves and the entire creation according to this plan, and the Creator within. We have unveiled the Creator within ourselves, so where has He been until now? We don’t know that; it was Atzmuto, His unattainable Essence, which doesn’t clothe in anything.

We have prepared a place for Him and a specific expression by our actualization of His HaVaYaH in our own will to receive (desire). Hence, everything exists only within a person rather than outside of him since there is neither a place, nor reality, nothing.

A person studying Kabbalah understands where he is, what imaginary reality he is experiencing, how to step out of it to the correct perception, and how to bring this correct perception to the absolutely authentic, perfect form.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/6/2011, “The Wisdom of Kabbalah and Philosophy”

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