Teenage Rebellion Is The Leap Into Spirituality

Dr. Michael LaitmanAdolescence is a very important, decisive point. This is the time when the results of upbringing have to manifest. Its entire success depends upon the previous years, from six to eleven, as problems begin past this age: the influence of hormones and inner struggles.

We need to make sure ahead of time that by this point the child will already have a method and a proper environment with which to help him overcome this critical period and use this exploding egoism as a catalyst to ascend over it. And then we will immediately have a mature spiritual person.

Children can easily cross the Machsom at that age. They are ready for anything! They have this desperate decisiveness. Adults are not able to tolerate the same kind of suffering as adolescents whose fire is still burning. Adolescents can do miracles with it.

It is not an accident that nature has planted this period in the process of our development. Our entire hope in raising a spiritual person from a child falls specifically between the ages of six-seven to fourteen-fifteen years.

After that it is almost impossible to do anything, it becomes very difficult. They have entered “life.” And you are now referring to a person surrounded with different life problems: age, sex, work, army, and who only thinks about the opposite sex and material success. All these screens will no longer let him hear you.

We need to begin telling them about Kabbalah from early childhood so it turns into a habit which “becomes a second nature.” That is, we need to do it before they dive into “adult life.” And then children will go through teenage rebellion, but they will use it correctly!

The Creator is purposefully provoking us towards this egoistic rebellion so that we will rise over it. When we rise above this egoism, it’s as if we were ascending the mountain of hatred, Mount Sinai (“Sina” means hatred), and we receive a spiritual degree.

We need to take advantage of this opportunity that nature gives us. It would be so helpful for my desires to burn and explode today as they did some time ago in my childhood. And if at the same time we are there near the children, properly directing them and showing them how to work with this, they can quickly turn into great Kabbalists. I hope that we will achieve this.

If we fail to use this opportunity given to us by nature, it will be very difficult to catch up. This is why it is written that raising a child is the same as writing on a blank sheet of paper, and this is completely different from writing on paper full of notes, trying to erase what others have written.

This is why education needs to start at the earliest possible age. Otherwise, instead of growing like a human, children grow like animals because they are only taught to search for fulfillment for their bodies, their egoism. Kabbalah defines this as raising an animal, the desire to receive pleasure.

Only the proper combination of two forces, reception and bestowal, is called human. So let us decide who we want to raise and begin preparing children for coming of age from the earliest age (at least from six to seven). This way, we will be able to draw the most benefit from all these years.

I am convinced that with proper preparation, a child can enter the spiritual world and rise to the mount of hatred that is suddenly erected in him under the influence of these incredibly powerful inner impulses of adolescence. All the emotions of a grown person who searches for spirituality are nothing comparing to this burning. This is what all of us really lack….
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/6/2011, “The Wisdom of Kabbalah and Philosophy”

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