When The Heart And Mind Unite As One

Dr. Michael LaitmanA supreme notion states that the Creator is One, Unique, and Unified. One, singular, upper force created all of creation: It existed before the creation came into being, exists along with it, and will continue to exist after the creation no longer does; that is, this force exists in all states.

We can discuss it from various points of view, which only demonstrates our lack of perfection; hence, we define it as One, Unique, and Unified, but various definitions of the Upper Force, the Creator, exist only relative to us.

  • One means that there isn’t any other force that could govern the universe, as it is written: “There is none else beside Him.”
  • Unique means that He is united in all of His acts and has no other intention.  
  • Unified means that even if His actions seem irrelevant and contradictory at times, it is only because we all exist in different states that are opposite to Him. Hence, we each have different perceptions, as it is written: “Everyone judges according to his own flaws.” But as we continue to correct ourselves, all of these cardinally different states and attributes eventually come together into one notion.

“One” means perfection. If there are two, they are somewhat different, and one lacks the qualities of the other; together, they complete each other. And if there were a million instead of two, then each of them is even less complete; he or she has only a millionth part of perfection and lacks the other 999,999 parts.

If we say that there is only one, it means that everything is in him. But I don’t think He has everything because I am opposite to Him, and that means that the problem is in me rather than in Him.

If He is one, and everything is in Him, then it doesn’t matter how I view Him: as good or evil, light or dark, cold or warm. I have to understand that these opposite attributes are not in Him. He is neither good nor evil; these opposite notions exist only in my perception.

If I say that the Creator is always good, it doesn’t constitute the definition of “One” either. “One” means that neither good nor evil exists in Him. I am the one who judges His manifestations relative to me. Meanwhile, He is One, something totally abstract, beyond what is even called good.

A person is inspired by the meaning of “One,” its perfect purity and sensation of attainment. In this “One,” the heart and mind come together as one.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/13/2011, “The Wisdom of Kabbalah and Philosophy”

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