To Grow From A Zero

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You said that in order to build ourselves we have to use two forces: reception and bestowal. What if instead of two forces, I have only one, the force of reception?

Answer: You have both of these forces except that you don’t wish to use the second one! We start ascending from below, from “zero” of bestowal, until we have covered 125 spiritual degrees and acquire absolute bestowal. But “zero” of bestowal doesn’t mean you don’t have it; you simply don’t employ this force you possess.

We can’t say that something doesn’t exist in the universe; this force doesn’t register only in you, in your perception. And the confirmation of the fact that it does exist is that it can unfold in you in the next instant, only to disappear yet again. This is regarded as a “zero.” In reality, however, it doesn’t exist; it can be so solely in man’s perception.

You have free will to evoke the force of bestowal from this zero. In order to do so you are given an environment comprised of the teacher, group, and the books. Start utilizing it to work on your zero of bestowal and it will be a zero no more.

After all, you can evoke the force of bestowal only when you relate to someone else who also desires to experience it. So start building such relations; don’t get locked in your own self! What other way is there to unveil bestowal?

The force of reception is concentrated within one person, but it takes two to keep the force of bestowal so that it can work in between the two. Therein lies the major difference between the egoistic and altruistic choices: In your ego, you are alone, but to bestow, you need the right environment. Otherwise, where will you actualize it? Where will you find this force and confirm that you indeed possess it?

Therefore, as soon a spiritual spark awakens in a person and calls for development of the soul, he or she is immediately brought to a group and instructed: “Choose it!” This is where the real free will is exercised: in choosing the correct environment.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/6/2011, “The Wisdom of Kabbalah and Philosophy”

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  1. And when one sees himself in another, and them in himself, they are as one. Ascent is directly related to the bonding / unifying extent (This is also where the Christian Jesus fish circle overlap comes from). It can be felt, and it empowers and fuels the bonder’s for awhile afterwards. This is absolutely similar to a vampiric high, but instead of one being fed on and one being nourished, both are nourished by the creator. The taste also develops for bonding with instead of draining/dominating another. It is anti-vampirism as it not only gives energy, but has no scarcity and appears as if created from nothing! This defeats any rational for “cannibalizing” our fellows, come and see how the upper abundance has no limit, no end!

  2. Also remember how I mentioned problems in the group due to people talking down to others? This breaks the ascent, by turning it back into its egoistic, or vampiric form. The communication, the bonding (commune-ifiation) is severed and eaten by one of the two, the WTR couldn’t resist. Only if they both consciously come to be on level and ascend together is any ascent really even possible…Otherwise the feeling of ascent from vampirism is like a drug, feels good but to no affect, as it is disconnected from REALITY (the infiniteness)

  3. Can this feeling of bestowal be felt even when I’m in a group of people that do not study Kabbalah?

    For example: A friend of mine just moved to a new dwelling and while I was there visiting there were two other friends helping this disabled man clean up this place because last person had moved out due to their inability to take care of there home.

    I had gotten such an awesome feeling of “goodness” while I was there. Also multiple coincidence of a thought forming in my mind then instantly a physical manifestation of that thought in connection with what was going on in the environment. That feeling has kept a smile on my face for a couple of days now and also seemed to lift me up out of the suffering I was feeling.

    What was I experianceing?

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