A Collective Cooking Pot Of The Spiritual Filling

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: One of the best ways for people to connect is an open dialog at a roundtable. People who meet at the roundtables for a long time establish good relations between them and feel that they are attracted to one another. Do they have to be connected in certain groups?

Answer: This will happen naturally. The meeting at the roundtable has to be held according to certain principles, of course. It is initially meant for people to get closer, to support one another, to clarify the truth together, and to try to find out not only the common solution, but also the common opinion, the common desire, the common goal, the common understanding and the common aspirations. No one suppresses the others in anyway but only complements him.

At the same time, people who are totally different suddenly begin to understand that the oppositeness during the connection creates a third factor, a common attribute that appears in a totally surprising intensity and by which many possible solutions can be found. So the roundtable is indeed a tool for establishing a society of mutual understanding.

As a result of this training, people come to the conclusion that it is possible to live together without suppressing one another and that the most important thing is to find how to complement one another. Then a middle, common platform is created, which is the third factor, the next level; a kind of a collective “dish” is created that nourishes everyone and from which all can receive their filling.

Thus, a special integral society is created in which everyone is mutually connected, understands everyone’s weaknesses, like in a family respects and complements these weaknesses. It turns out that although we were created as totally different beings opposite from one another, we discover a common integral in the connection between us which, although the average, is very powerful.
From Kab TV’s “Through Time” 9/15/2013

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