The Human In Harmony With The Integration Of Nature

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: During the integral workshops, people feel new sensations, especially those who are used to clarifying and analyzing processes. They begin to ask, where does this come from, what is this phenomenon, and so forth. How can we explain the sensations they are feeling to them?

Answer: These are sensations of the one collective integral nature, which really exists. We are found within it, but are, meanwhile, only a cancerous part that eats itself. As we rise above our ego, we begin to feel the integrality, the unification, and the mutual dependence. We feel how prolific and good this is, and how much this can influence health, our emotions, and our mutual relationships in the family, at work, everywhere!

We, humans, have become a unique creation in nature. Whereas all the rest of nature—the still, the vegetative, and the animate—are linked in an integrated scheme and participate naturally, instinctively, involuntarily; we were given free choice.

We cannot be like the others. We develop with an ego, in order to transform it, rise above it, and enter into integral understanding and feeling by cooperating with it independently and even to control it.

Simultaneously, we don’t enter into conflict with nature. On the one hand, we say a human is the crown of the creation of nature, and therefore we must obey it. On the other hand, the human can rise above his nature. He can be the master of nature and feel himself as its crown.

This is to say that all the questions that humanity has faced and must answer have arrived for we have risen to a level of integral connection that is to be found in balance with the whole of nature. We begin to feel this balance within us as serenity, relaxation, the expansion of consciousness, the expansion of emotion.
From a Talk on Integral Education 4/2/13

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