The Source Of Infinite Resources

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We always talk about nature using terms such as “nature, balanced relationships, harmony with nature” and so on.

But if we look at human progress, it is considered to have resulted from man’s opposition to nature, from man’s trying to resist nature’s forces, from trying to exit nature and thereby develop. Given this, what harmony with nature are we talking about?

Answer: We are not talking about egoistic development but about altruistic development in accordance with the governing force of nature. Here we have no opposition.

First, we begin working not against nature, but “for” it. So here entirely new mechanisms can come about that operate on totally different energy. They don’t require the old energy sources but instead run on what they generate themselves. That is, we can discover such properties and opportunities in nature where everything occurs without a loss because we don’t have to be in constant opposition with something.

After all, our egoistic development occurred against nature and therefore we constantly advanced in opposition. We conquered nature, we forcefully changed it, and considered ourselves to be great and mighty.

And here, on the contrary, we begin to use nature’s integrality, and in accordance with it, in harmony with it, in similarity to it, we feed on this integrality. As a result we receive the natural source of infinite resources from nature and our life completely changes. We won’t be producing everything from the sweat of our brow as in the current processes, they will be entirely different.

People will start to reveal the force of life, filled with energy not through what he consumes, flour, meat, etc., but through a completely different field. A person will begin to reveal within himself opportunities to be fulfilled by life. We will suddenly find fulfillment on the next level, not on the level of the animalistic body, but on the “Human” level.

Because in nature there is the next level which is called “wise person.” And where is this wise person? We, by nature, physiology, and behavior are an extension of the animal world. There is innate, vegetative, and animal nature, but we haven’t reached the “Human” level yet.

The human is one who will be completely adapted to the integral picture of nature, who will exist in a state of unity and harmony with nature because he will possess an understanding, feeling, knowledge, attainment, and control of this connection.
From KabTV’s  “Integral World: Formula of an Integral Society” 7/1/12

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