The True Face Of Democracy

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “One Commandment”: The prophetic abundance must be received in those combinations of letters completely suitable for the spirit of beginners.

If my teacher is a real teacher, he will try to give me explanations that are close to my reality. If I happen to hear what he says, I will benefit from it at my level and will see that the revelation he provided is accurately and correctly dressed in the shapes that my generation needs.

For example, today the world reveals acute symptoms of its material progress in all spheres. The difficult situation has existed for a long time, but today the world is finally allowing itself to talk about it and is realizing what a desperate and hopeless situation we are in. We are heading towards an overall collapse; a sudden upheaval can occur at any moment that won’t leave even the slightest trace of our current existence and that could stop the entire systems in economy, finance, and commerce, etc. to stop functioning.

So, we clearly see that the world needs many corrections. The wisdom of Kabbalah is now revealing itself; it gives us a real answer: a solution that provides material benefits and is closer to our rational perception. Thus, we accept Baal HaSulam and Rabash’s methodology correctly.

Accordingly, our work with the wider audience also has to address their egoistic intention Lo Lishma first and only afterward should it turn to an altruistic intention Lishma. Our teachers gave us the opportunity to act in such a way that we ourselves and the society that we direct will eventually approach altruism. It won’t happen immediately; it will happen gradually, but it is inevitable.

Moreover, now our message will take the correct shape and society will understand that it is for its own good. And we will understand that it is to our benefit to care about others.

Question: But in the end, does everyone have to come to attainment?

Answer: By all means! It is said:All shall know Me, from the least of them unto the greatest of them” and “all nations will come to Me.” We have to become one Kli, a spiritual vessel, in which the Light of Infinity dresses and fills everything. In the end, everyone will be included in Malchut of the world of Infinity and will reach the final correction. Everything will turn into one whole and will be filled with the Upper Light that permeates the entire reality. All individual vessels and the desire to receive created by the Light have to be corrected so that they become equivalent to the Light of Infinity and thus are fulfilled without any limitations.

Suppose a complete integral mutual inclusion takes place to the extent that the Light equally fulfills all vessels. So far, vessels are distributed in accordance with the ten Sefirot of the Direct Light along the line that goes from top to bottom; that is why there is a difference between Keter and Malchut; there also exists a reverse order of the Lights and vessels, etc. But then, when there will be one single screen (Masach), perhaps the differences among the vessels will disappear.

So today we have received a methodology from Baal HaSulam that is very close to our current needs, the needs of the entire world. Therefore, when addressing others, we should begin with their problems that are already known, are widely discussed, and for which solutions are not apparent.

But in fact, in a modern democracy we are moving to chaos. If each person has his or her own opinion and promotes it persistently, how can a constructive and creative process be instigated? Instead of peace and wellbeing, we will face endless wars, confusion, and chaos in the world. This is where democracy leads us. This is its true face.

Previously, under kings and queens (good or bad) the power was concentrated in one strong hand, whereas today everyone can do whatever they want. And so in the framework of the historic process, the further development of democracy lowers us into chaos, more turmoil, conflicts, and wars between one and all.

Policy experts don’t find any solutions and they recognize this. We offer a ready solution and program of action.

So the truth of the “prophets” and “prophecies” is tested—through the ability of the Kabbalistic methodology to help people. We have everything we need for success. After all, the only way to bring this world to order is to attract the Light that Reforms. There is no other way.

Our task today is to deliver the method of correction as close to the people as possible and show them that it, in fact, it meets all their material needs and that they won’t find any other solutions anywhere else.

Only by uniting can we build a society in which we will be able to resolve our current problems. By the Light that Reforms, the wisdom of Kabbalah helps us organize society correctly and build relationships that will allow us to achieve everything we need: safety, health, good education, etc. The Light itself is abstract; it fills all vessels, all the empty spaces that have to be filled. It satisfies all needs, even material ones.

The truth is that this method will trigger the Light that will implement all aspirations.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/27/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam 

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