The Democracy Of Give And Take

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I don’t believe that it is possible to connect because everyone worries only about himself. For example, my car broke down so now I can’t get to work and make a living. If you call for unity, why don’t you collect the money I need to fix the car? Why doesn’t this happen?

Answer: This indicates that it is impossible to fulfill the connection in our world by certain individual actions. If I am in a shattered state, I cannot discover any corrected parts there. This is clear, so what else do you want? You will not find any signs of connecting for the benefit of others in this world.

It isn’t just a connection that is good for my ego, when I connect with someone else to profit at his expense. It is about a totally different connection that doesn’t exist in this world. So your complaints are invalid. It is true that our world is opposite to unity and that everything in it exists according to the laws of give and take, according to capitalistic principles. Modern democracy means that everyone is allowed to take care of his or her own welfare.

Democracy was limited in socialist Russia; there were limits to how much a person was allowed to think about himself, because he was otherwise obliged to think about the society. Capitalist democracy offers a person the freedom to do as he wishes and to profit in any way he feels like. If you aren’t directly harming society, then it is fine; this is democracy.

The first step towards the correction of the world is through the education of the people. Education should precede everything; otherwise, we will not be able to fix the system. Education should correct people so that they will want to change the social priorities by themselves to bring about social balance, a more or less equal standard of living, and to gradually organize everything. Changes should be according to the desire and development of the majority, and should meet the general agreement; this is called true democracy.

Without social changes you cannot change people and society. After all, in today’s corrupt society, if you are don’t have a car that you need in order to make a living, you will die of hunger. This is the world you are living in. if you want to start changing it, please start studying integral education. I am offering you a process of correction, but you cannot come complaining to me about the flaws of this world and demand that I correct them for you.

Besides, you don’t even want to correct them—you want to go on living with these defects—but only to steal for yourself from the united society that I am offering you, to take from it to your world with your shattered society. This of course will lead to nothing. This is precisely the case when the impurity (Klipa) wants to adhere to Holiness and exploit it.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/27/13, The Study of the Ten Sefirot

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