Correction Is Only During The Ascent

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Book of Zohar, Introduction, Item 210: However, if ZON are connected below, the Sitra Achra can receive the abundance, hence AVI are separated above and their Zivug is stopped.

All the discernments inherent in Malchut of Ein Sof (Infinity) are included in our vessels. In our work, we have to impose restrictions on which vessels we use and which we do not. It’s impossible to get rid of something inside me, to cut off something from inside me, but I decide upon what to give importance in my contact with the Creator, with bestowal. In order to reveal Him, I have to constantly clarify where I restrict myself and where I already work with the Masachim (screens).

When ZON illuminates, it’s a dangerous state since it’s an example of how two attributes can be connected even though they are opposite by nature. On the whole, the connection of ZON during the descent can provide the Sitra Achra with the powers to connect. So Zeir Anpin and Nukva mustn’t connect below. The connection is possible only if they rise to the upper.

The corrections are always performed in the upper: We are incorporated in it and it gives us the right pattern. I can behave correctly in a perfect flawless manner if I find myself in a place with all the necessary conditions to do so. For example, I may come to a party where men and women sit on opposite sides of a table and do not mix when communicating.

This immediately leads me to a certain pattern, to a certain framework, leaving no room for confusion: I participate in the business conversations and am not distracted and drawn to different problematic directions. The place itself actually molds the right pattern for me and guards me.

With regard to ZON, its lower vessels are the whole impurity (Klipa). So there cannot be specific accurate measurements in them below that enable the connection when they descend. The connection can only be above, when they are in the Partzuf of the parents, in AVI.

So how did ZON descend to the souls in order to bestow the Lights upon them? ZON really descends and bestows in order to raise the souls back up with it. There are never any corrections below where the flawed vessel is. This is the law: All the corrections are only during the ascent.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/17/13, Introduction to The Book of Zohar

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