Spiritual Democracy

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How is spiritual and inner work divided in the corrected world? Do inner differences between people receive external expression?

Answer: In the corrected world everyone will realize what he must carry out 100% in order to correct his desire. For everyone, this is according to his level and desire.

Some people will learn from morning to night and will realize the material that they have learned internally. This will be their function, similar to the creation of software. Others will be occupied most of their day with organization, dedicating only a small part of their time to learning. Some of the people will be the operators, some will realize themselves in service, and so forth.

Everyone will act according to the degree of his deficiency and its expression in this world. This is because a person expresses himself according to his inner desire, according to his level within the general system, divided into five levels of Aviut (the density of desire). Each one of us belongs to different parts, to different “organs.” It could be the “liver,” or the “brain,” or the “lungs”…. In a complete system everyone is important because every organ and every part has its function that establishes all of our external deeds.

Therefore, quantitatively and qualitatively, my corrections are derived from the spiritual source of my soul. Accordingly, being a corrected “cell” in the right place within the totality of souls, I need to receive the Light that Reforms.

It’s said: “There is no coercion in spirituality,” “a person learns where his heart desires.” According to its influence, the system itself establishes a person’s place, and it’s up to each one to take account of himself regarding the form of his chosen participation. Possibly, this “review” will make it possible for him to advance. And perhaps the person will understand that he is not ready for more than this; he will be satisfied in the outer circle, and this will be the place of his correction.

Not all of us need to strive inwards. The outer part of every level is found within the inner part of the lower level, and together they build a pyramid of “overlapping” parts of Galgalta ve Eynaim and AHP. This is a universal principle derived from spirituality.

Possibly, you dream about universal equality. All are equal in a sense that, from Above, each one is given all that is required according to their desire (vessel). And with everything else, all of us are different. Democracy from the side of the Creator is that all of us are loved to the same degree, and all of us comprise one circle of adhesion. Together with this, there is a hierarchy that characterizes the spiritual ladder up to the end of correction.

Therefore, decision makers are those who reach spiritual heights and desire more wisdom and adherence, not those who want more money and control. Such people were once called the “Sanhedrin” or “The Great Assembly” among the people of Israel.

On the other hand, the concept of “equality” in modern society is destructive. This vision of equality brings fascism. All the sociologists, the political scientists, and people of other professions know that a fascist regime is the most egalitarian: They always talk about the “common citizen,” about the “common worker” and so on. We know the results. Therefore, the right structure is a spiritual pyramid in which each has an equal opportunity for self-realization.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/23/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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