Portugal: A Quiet Panic

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from predateli.com): “The social situation in the EU remains critical. Residents panic and leave their countries in search of a better life, mostly young and educated professionals. Last year, 80 Portuguese were leaving for Angola daily. …

“Unemployment has reached a record level of 16.5%, which is 1.5 million of working-age people, 40% of them – young people under the age of 25. This is the worst indicator in the EU after Spain and Greece. Even the police and military went to the street to hold rally. …The representative of European Commission Jonathan Todd confirmed: ‘In Europe, the social crisis continues to spread. No significant improvement is expected in the member states of the EU, including Portugal.’”

My Comment: People ask me why I stopped describing the state of the EU. It’s because we all see that there is no real news, meaning no changes! Everything in the world continues to move down the slope and, for the time being, no one wants to hear about “Integral Upbringing” of the population. Try to do everything possible to bring this idea to the elite. The good news can be only in this.

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