Europe Goes On Strike

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from The Voice of Russia): “Unwilling to accept cuts in wages and social spending, the Europeans go on strike almost every day. Obviously, in the coming year we will see many more strikes in Europe. The EU will have to save in order to overcome the crisis, but the measures to reduce budget spending and market reforms are very painful for the population.”

My Comment: Humanity must switch consciously or through wars and crises from the economy of (unlimited) consumerism to the economy or reasonable (necessary, balanced) consumption. This will free up to 70-80% of the workforce. According to the law of nature, we need to distribute the remainder of work in the most ecological (with minimum cost) and effective way among all the workforce.

We, all the inhabitants of the Earth, must dedicate the time freed from extra (harmful) work to our integral education and upbringing, the method of homeostasis (balance with nature), until we achieve integral connection between us and feel the upper level of the governing forces of Nature.

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  1. Our future fuel will be from biomass, like food for our machines. This will require a massive restoration of the ecology, as all the waste it produces (leaves, dirt, rotting wood) can be liquefied via gasification and treatment. We now spend our savings, and burn the earth unto ash! Much work is needed to reduce and undo the damage we have done!

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