Altruism Is Precise Calculation

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe must correct our system so that it becomes similar to the Creator, bestowal, Nature. Today, there is no shortage of studies that show that capitalism is a kind of temporary outbreak of the egoistic disease, the end of which we are witnessing today. This is particularly evident in the economic crisis and environmental disasters.

It cannot continue like this. It would be another thing if we had inexhaustible natural and energy resources. However, we don’t. We are wasting the last and driving ourselves to a standstill: The gap between rich and poor grows, society is destroyed, and the Earth becomes a less hospitable place.

We mistakenly believe that we can build a correctly functioning egoistic system. Americans were drunk with this idea and intoxicated everyone with it. The American Dream was successful because they were living in debt to the world and even boasted about their “success”: “Look how cleverly we can steal, how beautifully we can lie. Just take a look what kind of life we have at your expense.” In fact, here is what was behind their abundance. And Europe followed the same path.

The whole problem is that we are always looking for cheap resources. Once, there were slaves, but then they ceased to be efficient. Then, the exploitation of the peoples of newly discovered lands began, and that was used as a market as well. We always acted at someone else’s expense; we constantly robbed and took advantage of somebody, be they slaves, the indigenous people of Asia, Africa, America, serfs, and so on.

That was the factor of development, the lie which saturated the entire system and reached the money itself. The dollar became an international currency, and industry and commerce intertwined in such a cunning scheme that people around the world work for Americans.

Where is the limit? Today, we have exhausted the capacity of cheaper resources. There are no more slaves and undeveloped countries. Everything is heading towards the point of breaking the principle of cheapness. There is no more cheap labor or cheap energy. It is time to realize what is happening. If we want to survive, we must judge everything fairly.

That is why the world faces the problem of fair distribution. People everywhere are waking up to this requirement. However, in reality, it means that everyone deserves only as much as he has invested for the benefit of humankind. Relying on the principle of egoism, you will get nothing. Soon, we will discover that no one can receive anything from anyone egoistically. Just imagine where the world is heading: The system of mutual guarantee is disclosed, which requires reciprocity and bestowal.

This does not mean that you should scatter the wealth to the right and left. No, we build everything on the basis of reciprocity; we do not make concessions for the sake of concessions, but are guided by the considerations of true justice. All our previous systems will not apply. We are facing a full-scale system failure, and economic problems are only its first signs. As a result, we will have to agree that justice, reciprocity, and mutual guarantee are the only way.

Baal HaSulam writes about “the altruistic system.” But you should not think that it will undo all the calculations. Conversely, altruism is an exact calculation, leaving no loopholes: Everyone receives according to his investment. And the one who does not invest effort is left with nothing. If everyone around is an altruist, this doesn’t mean that I will be fed “for nothing.” After all, we are talking about the law of nature. The Creator is the greatest altruist, but have you gotten something good from Him? On the contrary, only troubles.

It is said: “The Creator has made them one against the other.” Both forces, the positive and the negative, are extremely tough and aggressive. And thus, in the future society, I cannot be idle at the expense of others.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/28/2011, “The Nation”

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  1. Wonderful post. Altruism is such a complex topic. I recently wrote a book entitled “To Find the Way of Love” that you may enjoy. It discusses the evolution of human relationships in relation to the universe’s fundamental forces of freedom and equality. In it I assert that our relationships are the most important elements in our lives and that our choices in shaping them—such as choosing between self-interest and altruism—involve the greatest exercise of our free will. To find the way of love is to re-explore and re-examine the purpose of human existence.

    Might I send you a copy? I’d be honored if you’d review it.

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