Questions On Inner Work And Current Events

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Please clarify the meaning of this this sentence: “The greatest hero is the one who turns his hater to a friend” (the post: “The Illness Is Clear: It’s Time to Treat It“). Does it mean that when one receives hatred from someone, one shouldn’t connect with that hatred, but leave it untouched so that it returns to the sender?

Answer: One should reach a sensation that everything comes from the Creator, and hence, everything has a place in the world, while we can correct the world only by our own correction.

Question: In the post “Join The Work,” you call for everybody to create a “declaration of intentions.” Where can we send it to?

Answer: Please send it by email to the “Arvut” (Mutual Guarantee) movement.

Question: No matter how I sympathize with the suffering of any country, nation, and so on, I’m not sure it relates to Kabbalah since according to Bnei Baruch, Kabbalah has nothing to do with the corporeal world. Is it not better to stay within the limits you describe in the forums?

Answer: Kabbalah talks about the correction of man in this world and his ascent, in his sensations, to the upper world or dimension. This is happening namely today and namely in real events. See Baal HaSulam’s articles “Mutual Guarantee,” “The Peace,” and “Messiah’s Horn.”

Question: These articles should stop. Did you not see President Obama tell Israel that we, the US, would always stand by them. Why is this topic being brought to the attention of the world when this is not true?

Answer: Politics has nothing to do with the truth.…

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