Has Western Capitalism Failed? Part 2

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (Lord Desai, Member of the House of Lords, emeritus professor at the London School of Economics): “Capitalism is alive and well, but not in the Western countries – it has migrated eastwards.

“Russian capitalism is somewhat old and in need of urgent repair, but the spirit of capitalism – risk-taking, saving, investing, hard work – all those virtues have now migrated and are happily ensconced in China, India, Indonesia, Korea and Japan – the countries which we never thought would ever get out of poverty.

“Western capitalism probably had half a century of over-indulgence – continued prosperity, full employment, almost guaranteed growth – and that in its turn meant that our costs went up and manufacturing industry migrated abroad, while finance has proved to be a fickle friend.

“We will have to rethink our model, our values, we will have to acquire old-fashioned virtues, because capitalism is not going to go any time fast.

“If Asia has vigorous energetic capitalism and we have tired old capitalism, we will end up paying a huge price and we will trade our prosperity for their prosperity.

“It changes its form, it migrates, it is fully global. Now we at last understand what globalization means – it means we are just as important as anyone else. If we don’t work very hard, we will lose our importance.

“That is the lesson of the contemporary world.

“Capitalism lives through crisis. That is how it renews and invigorates itself.

“For our bad luck, capitalism has renewed itself by migrating eastwards. We are left with the debris and we have to do something to get ourselves out this crisis but that will have to be in the spirit of capitalism, not against it.”

My Comment: Here, the economist does not see the end of the previous stage of development not only of the economy but  in society as a whole, but rather sees only a temporary crisis. The cause of this error is that people are not familiar with the general plan of nature, which can be fully revealed only through the science of Kabbalah. That is why Kabbalah has many opponents, but gradually, as society develops, they will see the light.

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