Egyptian Officials: Outside Agitators Behind Riots

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (From “Egypt’s Justice Minister said in a television interview Sunday that the riot in Cairo in which the Israeli embassy was trashed, along with a series of other violent riots that took place in Egypt over the weekend, were the work of ‘foreign powers in the region who fear that what happened in Egypt could happen to them.’ Abed al-Aziz al-Jundi said that the rioters were attempting to harm the security of Egypt, and that ‘all Egyptian citizens are in shock over what happened.’

“al-Jundi said he had received intelligence reports that show that huge sums of money had been donated by unnamed ‘neighboring states’ to local ‘charities’ and organizations that organized the riots. He added that the study proves that the purpose of these groups was to bring down the Egyptian government.”

My Comment: This is the new technology of reshaping the world: to wage war against other nations by their own forces and citizens. There is no way to counteract this but to unite the nation around the idea of mutual guarantee as a means to cure society of all its problems.

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