The Train Won’t Wait!

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe correction of the shattering can only be when we connect, of course. Before the shattering, there was one general soul, a general vessel, and one Light that filled this vessel. However, the soul (the vessel, the desire to bestow) couldn’t bear this pleasure and began to receive it in order to receive, instead of in order to bestow, and then the shattering occurred.

Since this soul, this spiritual vessel, changes its form, the Light leaves it according to the law of the equivalence of form, which means because of the incompatibility of the attributes. Because of that incompatibility, the Light drew several Parsa away from the soul. Now, we must perform several actions that can draw the Light closer again.

We actually were thrown into an abyss from the height at which we were to the bottom of the ladder and even lower than that. Now, we must try to do what we can with the tools which we were given in order to correct this shattered vessel and to connect. By doing so, we will draw the Light that Reforms, which will help us connect so that we will be worthy of the Light that will dress in our common vessel and be revealed in it.

When the Light is revealed in us, we will feel in it that we are delighting the source of the Light, the Creator. This is actually the correction of the shattering that we must do. Eventually, we must return to the same state where there is only one soul, one vessel, and that all of its parts are fully and integrally connected. The Light will be revealed in the vessel accordingly, and its source, the Creator, will be revealed in it. We will enjoy the fact that we are delighting Him, like a guest and a host who love each other.

The correction is done by the love of friends, by their unity and their getting closer to the righteous of the generation, which means to the Kabbalists and the advice by which we perform our work. Sometimes, a person has such thoughts that we can isolate ourselves and attain the intention of “in order to bestow” and learn to keep ourselves clean both internally and externally by ourselves, to be holy. A person doesn’t understand why he should get all messed up with others in performing different corporeal actions. He feels it is better to delve into the inner “spiritual” work and to adhere to the Creator by himself.

However, being isolated and performing individual internal work doesn’t bear any fruit. There is no better means of correction than the connection between the friends. We draw the Light that influences us and brings us closer to the truth by the different actions that we perform together.

I hear many complaints like this from people: that a person wants to do this work by himself. However, this is a terrible mistake. A person doesn’t correct anything by himself. Rather, he misses the train and will not have time to connect to the group that is already advancing along this path. It will, therefore, be very difficult for him to join this moving train, and he will miss this current life. So, he should listen to the advice of the great Kabbalists and engage only in the love of friends.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/15/13

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