Attracted To The Center

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When we engage in dissemination to the public, we encounter situations where local needs far exceed our ability to provide. We discover hysterical pressure. How do we deal with it?

Answer: The main thing is that you have a heart-rending desire to help others. It should reach the intensity and the sharpness that will provide you with newer, higher discernments and you will begin to understand what MAN is, the request for correction, which is an inner clarification.

The precursor for this is that you want to be incorporated in the center of the group, since it is the only place where you can fulfill and raise your request. This is only if you discover the source of Light in the center of the group, the source of power of connection and unity. You can see and understand that you are already close to MAN according to your attraction to the center of the group. It is there that you discover that you can fulfill it.

Comment: My friends and I already feel that…

Answer: That’s great. They suddenly become dear to you. First you didn’t care about them and the Kabbalists’ advice seemed like dry words in the books and now you are attracted to them because of the inner need that you received from others, from the public.

The friends are now important because without them you will not be able to fulfill yourself. You will not be able to find your soul, the culmination of your work, unless you tie everything together so that the deficiencies of the public will go through you to the center of the group and to the Creator.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/15/13, Writings of Rabash, “Concerning Love of Friends

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