“Is Anti-Semitism Back In Europe?”

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from The National Interest): “The status of Jews in Europe remains a delicate one. At least that is what a new survey by the EU’s Agency for Fundamental Rights suggests. The survey, to be released in full in November, found that nearly one quarter of European Jews avoid doing things or wearing symbols that could allow others to identify them as Jewish. And the numbers are worse in some places: Forty-nine percent of the Swedish utopia’s Jews avoid recognizably Jewish clothing and symbols in public.

“Eighty-eight percent of French Jews said antisemitism has become worse in the last five years. Thirty percent of Hungarian Jews have experienced an antisemitic incident in the past twelve months. And around Europe, two-thirds said reporting assaults and other antisemitic incidents to the police wasn’t worth it, or wouldn’t make a difference. …

“Who is to blame? The media would have you believe it’s the far right—Greece swarming with Golden Dawn blackshirts and cryptofascists flexing their muscles almost everywhere east of the Elbe. And the Kantor Center documents plenty of far-right violence. But participants in the EU survey, many drawn from Western Europe, saw it differently—just 19 percent pinned it on the extreme right. Twenty-two percent faulted the extreme left. But Europe’s Muslims are cited by 27 percent.”

My Comment: The nations of the world are not so much to blame for the growth of anti-Semitism in our time, as are the Jews themselves because they have long been required to carry “the Light to the nations of the world” in the form of the method of correction of egoism, of all the evil in the world, through the teaching of Kabbalah or through its lighter version, the method of Integral Education and Upbringing. But in any case, in the places where anti-Semitism erupts, there is a void, the absence of the Light, and there, more than in other places, the nations and the countries will suffer.

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