A Cradle Of Unity With Nature

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What changes will occur in the life of the Integral society and what will make them possible? What is the process people will be involved in?

Answer: By elevating above our individual principles and attitudes and by lowering their own opinions a little in front of the others in our small community (10 to 20 people), we begin sensing inside our unity some average collective feeling, thought, intellect, and desire. We seem to form something in common; between us is a general silhouette” that we relate to as our child.

The “child” that emerges among us warms us up and makes us share collective emotions that we usually do not experience in regular life. People start to really cherish this feeling. They gather in integral clubs and communities to renew these interesting and pleasant sensations.

If they combine all of the above with common family meals or just meeting over a cup of coffee, new associations or clubs will be created where people come there not for the sake of boasting or showcasing vanity, but to feel special. It will elevate, lift, and cleanse them, make them feel kinder, friendlier and warmer. Suddenly, they will feel that it becomes much easier for them to combat problems such as rudeness, taunts, blows, rigidity and constraints. They feel that it heals them, gives them a softer outlook on the world, and dampens all sorts of problems. This type of psychological training leads to a very bright positivism. The most important thing is that from that moment on it becomes possible for them to develop more,depending on what kind of community they are in.

There are certain communities that already exist where people have started thinking about ways to unite and simplify their existence by collective shopping, sharing warehouses, and providing mutual free help to each other because some of their members are locksmiths, some are plumbers or electricians, etc. After they began sharing communal services, all of a sudden they discovered that there are accountants, lawyers, and people with other professions among them.

In general, creating communities that are based on the principles of minimal mutual support (we are not talking about global, huge problems here) can facilitate many people’s lives. Moreover, they can invite professionals in education, and upbringing, and can organize clubs for their children, etc. This opens a vast field of activity. The main thing is that people who belong to these communities should feel that their environment nurtures each of them and becomes a source of a positive energy.

So by resolving life’s problems, they develop internally and then gradually move to the next step: obtaining a new vision and receiving new energy.

I don’t impose my point of view on anyone. I just want people to discover the opportunity to develop as one big whole, to create one unified organism out of ourselves, and on that basis to begin regarding nature differently. People begin to understand that nature is integral and interconnected as one organism. If they agree with this fact and resonate in unison with nature, if they vibrate in one frequency, they suddenly begin sensing that they exist in a unified and friendly field and that the world is really laced with benevolence with only one exception: the egoistic human nature. Many religions and faiths, as well as many physicists, psychologists, etc., state this fact.

The important thing is that this understanding elevates a person. One’s life becomes easier since one acquires a correct vision of the world, develops the right attitude to ecology, nature, and society. I hope that in the end it will become a major tool for the betterment of society overall. Everybody needs it.
From KabTV’s “Through Time” 9/15/13

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  1. This is a lovely idea and a correct one. I would imagine that as people become tired of an endless struggle to acquire and support endless and unnecessary possessions, and become more competitive and isolated,( and aware of the pain of that isolation), that it will gain popularity it deserves. After all, we learn to appreciate things of true value by experiencing the opposite….hence the justification for the pain and suffering sent by the creator.

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