Integral Education For Teachers And Psychologists

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: At the congress in Stockholm, you said that the professionals closest to us are teachers and psychologists. Immediately, a teacher with 35 years of experience said, “Finally, my experience is in demand, and I’ll tell you how to teach your methodology of integral education.”

Also a psychologist said, “You do it the wrong way. You can’t do anything. You should be trained for three years, you need to complete psychology courses.” However, she did not finish our training, constantly falls back into her profession, and is unable to grasp the integral methodology. But when she heard your statement, she decided that it was her finest hour.

Answer: Of course not! I meant that it might be easier for a person who is accustomed to methodical work and knows the principles of organizing it to develop our methodology . But neither teachers nor psychologists can be above everyone else. Moreover, to develop the methodology, it is better not to involve teachers but curriculum developers instead because they know how to explain it.

How is a lesson plan in school usually created? First, they speak about one thing, then another, the corresponding representation is drawn, a specific example is given. Similarly, we have to describe in a talk, then a workshop, then questions and answers, etc. You need a specialist who is familiar with the correct presentation of the material for this, someone who lives this, not a teacher, but a curriculum developer.

I mentioned teachers and psychologists because they have an approach, the experience of interaction with an audience, but nothing more. They have to be fully integrated with us in everything else; leaving their previous form, they should be reborn; their inner message should be ours.

So I don’t think that teachers and psychologists are the ones who can immediately go out to people, and by no means should they tell us what to do. If the female psychologist says otherwise, then she has no place among us.
From Kab TV’s “Through Time” 9/17/13

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