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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In integral learning, is it possible to use the educational infrastructure that already exists: schools, universities, teachers, and professors?

Answer: I believe that all teachers during the process of integration should try to adapt it quickly and everyone must work with his or her niche. Since there are many materials from other sources in integral upbringing and education: physics, chemistry, biology, geography, natural science, etc., it would be very desirable for teachers to continue to teach their subjects, and at the same time to also acquire a certain level of integral knowledge, which they would implement in their classrooms. This comes first.

Second, there are teachers, who can quickly adapt the integral method to teaching while taking courses of integral education, and in their turn, they would become educators and teachers of integral learning. And then there would be a constant supply of personnel.

Question: How can teachers be applied in the beginning of the educational process?

Answer: First of all, they continue to do their regular work, they do not stop doing it. Teaching children in schools must continue.

And integral method studies must be simply added everywhere they can be added, they must be implemented in all possible productive and educational processes, but never in a way that can harm them—it must be done as gently as possible.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” #23, 3/3/12

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