Who Creates The Deficit?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Initially, all the useful resources are unlimited, but people create a deficit through bad intentions and certain fluctuations. Things that belong to humanity and that we should receive for free have become artificially limited and inaccessible.

As soon as something becomes deficient, it immediately stops being equally distributed, and everyone who can begins to accumulate it. Those who did not have it, will not have it. In the end, everyone suffers, both those who profit from it because excess does not lead to anything good and those who do not have it because they are not fulfilled. This applies to everything.

What does a person need? He needs safety, peace, attention, family, and food. All these things began to require enormous effort.

Regarding peace, we have lost peace. We work 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Regarding safety, safety is an elementary resource, but because I did not establish a relationship with my neighbor, he got a gun, and I got a machine gun. You would think that someone would profit from selling weapons, but in the end, he is killed when the bomb drops on him.

Is there a solution to come out of this dead end? Can these problems be solved by upbringing?

Answer: If today we all are being driven into a deficit that is being used to rule over and control us, then we should ask ourselves: Can we resist these forces? It is not easy to resist them.

On the other hand, we see that crises come and erode the foundation under the people who have tried to create this system of government, who tried to profit and dictate everything to mankind. In the end, really, the bomb also falls on them. In other words, they also are absolutely uncertain about tomorrow.

It turns out that here, we encounter certain laws of nature. The reason for this is our egoism that drives us and constantly pushes us forward. People try to manifest it somehow in the best and most profitable way for them.

However, in the end, we encounter two parameters here: Egoism gradually and constantly develops in us from one generation to another and over the course of the entire life of every generation. In this way, we differ from the animate level. As we develop, we also try to exploit egoism with our mind and feelings, to turn it into something that will help us attain power, fame, knowledge, and maximum freedom.

As a rule, this happens by comparing oneself to others. Our egoism is tuned this way. This is why all the movements of humanity and of every person individually are only in this. A question arises: Will we be able to continue to exist in this paradigm?

You say that natural resources, such as oil, gas, coil, metals, and any natural resource are unlimited, but we see that they are finite. We even predict their end. Scientists say that they will end in a number of decades.

I base the things I say on the data provided by mass media. I am not a member of other circles. To be honest, I am not interested in them. However, overall, this is probably the way things are.

Perhaps it is done on purpose. Prices increase and people are convinced that resources are limited in order to gain from the increase and profit more by investing less. I do not know.

Of course, overall, we are coming to a point today when nature itself is showing us through a global crisis that we are global, connected between us. We depend on one another.

I think that the economy is not the problem here; it is social and personal relationships between people. In other words, mankind is the cause of the crisis that we are experiencing.
From a TV Show “The Global Crisis: A Deficit of Resources” 3/1/2012 

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  1. You forget, that we age an eternal war over who shall love us… Is there an end?

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