Conductor Of Integral Energy

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Should the integral education lecturer implement this method on himself for his own development?

Answer: Absolutely. Before a person begins to teach, he must learn and absorb our method, for he needs to be a certified expert, seriously prepared, and most importantly, the bearer of that universal energy that he wants to convey to his listeners.

He must be a member of an integral group in which he is constantly being recharged with energy. The idea is that our ego is developing all the time, society influences us all the time, exposing us to external and internal disturbances. But we don’t need to oppose them, but rather to hold ourselves above them all the time, which is to say, to elevate ourselves, to rise above all the internal egoistic exacerbations, and to be engaged in self-criticism and self-control.

To do this, the person requires very serious support from his small society, that is, our institute of integral information.

Question: The lecturer is in a process of constant development and shows an example to others all the time. Does this example influence those around him in that it conveys to them a fraction of the integral concept?

Answer: No. People simply see that he is relaxed, pleasant in communication, and ready for mutual cooperation, mutual help. Something like this could be in a human society but it could be that this is revealed in him more than in others. It could be that it is not revealed at all, for he doesn’t come in close contact with the others. His role is to teach and develop the integral method and realize it in all of humanity.
From Kab TV’s “Through Time” 9/17/13

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