The Purpose Of Kabbalah

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why are you so involved with what is happening in the world and society? Is that part of Kabbalah? Kabbalah describes the upper world but not the society of our world.

Answer: In the article “The Essence of the Wisdom Kabbalah,” Baal HaSulam defines Kabbalah as “the method of revealing the Creator to His creatures in this world,” that is, to those who are on a natural (egoistic) level of development. Bringing them to the level of connection between them (to correct the breaking of the single soul, the fall of Adam) so that the Creator is revealed in them is the purpose and objective of Kabbalah.

This is realized by integral education and upbringing in order to unite people into one whole, like in one boat, in mutual guarantee (Arvut). This is everyone’s inner work on himself, carried out in the collective. That is why Kabbalah is called the internal Torah or the True Torah. And the Torah is a remedy against egoism, as it is said, “I have created the evil inclination, I have created the Torah as a spice.”

Therefore, Kabbalah is revealed right now for the realization of the global spiritual project—the correction of the evil human nature. To the extent of the correction of egoism, in its corrected part, the human being feels, instead of egoism and unfounded hatred, “the property of bestowal and love for the other” in which the higher management, the upper world, is felt, and in it—the upper governing, correcting and fulfilling force—the Creator.

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