Be Careful Not To Choose The Wrong Road

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe role of the Israeli nation as the Creator’s servants, as a kingdom of priests, is to be the ones who explain the method, and that is possible only by educating people. We must explain things so that a person will understand that he has two options: the path of the Torah and the path of suffering, which means that there is a good way and a bad way. There are two roads before you leading to one goal, and it is up to you which road you take.

If you are not ready, you undoubtedly will take the wrong road. When you get on this road, it doesn’t seem bad at all, but actually very attractive as any path to hell where at first ice cream and gifts are given out. Thus, the desire to receive pulls you, and you are drawn gladly in that direction.

However, once you get on that road, there is no way out. The presents disappear and blows begin to hit you. So, you have no choice but to advance.

There is, however, another road that doesn’t seem so attractive at first, especially for your ego. It even repels you since it demands that you connect to others and care about them.

Our egoistic nature rejects this road internally. However, if you advance along the right road in the way of “I shall hasten it” (Ahishena), you receive assistance from Above, which is called the Light that Reforms.

To the extent that you summon this Light, you actually advance nicely. The Light is ready to help you at any given moment and to turn all your bad feelings into good ones. Everything depends only on your efforts. The Light that Reforms is the power in the connection between people if they want to ascend above their desire to receive and to attain bestowal.

You cannot do that along the wrong road but only along the right road that Light always guides you through all the points toward the goal, and, although you don’t understand and don’t know how to get there, one thing is clear: you must connect more strongly to others.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/8/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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