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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The only way to create mutual cooperation between the upper world and our superficial world is the right connection according to the integral method. Together with this, do we need to explain to people how the world is constructed and how to cooperate with each other?

Answer: The integral method is very simple because it’s a practical method. Through participation in workshops, people begin to feel changes taking place within them, yet they don’t understand why. So we explain to them that it happens as a result of this, that we awaken the general characteristic of nature. Nature is one and unique. Its unique power manages everything and therefore our method is called “Integral.” When we attract this unique power to us, it is revealed in us and accordingly we feel completely different properties, new movements within and between us.

When we explain the integral method, we relate it to cosmology, evolution, the structure of the human spirit and body, and so forth. Each one who finishes the course receives a general picture about creation, human evolution, and human history and where it has reached today. The person begins to understand that this is a natural process that was predetermined. For nothing exists by chance in nature and the condition today is not accidental.

In order to pass from the present state to the next state, there are two ways: unconscious evolution, which is called the “path of suffering,” or conscious development, which is called the “path of Light,” the higher unifying Kli. When we explain this to people, then the changes that are happening in the world according to that picture, that formula we present to them begin to be understandable to them. They see that this is truly happening this way in the world. Moreover, all of this is based and relies upon natural, scientific laws.

After the minimal course, let’s say ten lessons, a clear picture of the world is created in the person, something that  politicians, psychologists, sociologists, or anyone has. This picture is required for him to become a wise person, Homo sapiens, perceiving the system of management. Before him open great and wondrous possibilities for his development that ultimately help him to open his eyes and use this world to rise to the level of the only directing power, the power of the Creator. Therefore his life takes on meaning.
From Kab TV’s “Conversations with Michael Laitman” 9/27/13

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