A Divine Patent

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe should try to explain to people the option of correcting themselves in a good way, since otherwise they will realize the need for change by tremendous suffering. The prophets already spoke about the terrible things that might happen to humanity if we continue to advance by the force of pressure.

A prophet sees the natural evolution of all the levels without man’s participation. But people can sweeten their predictions and limit them so that things will look totally different.

A prophet sees and accurately describes the laws of nature. A law is always the adaptation of two opposing forces on every level. This is all that exists in nature: a plus, a minus, and some adaptation between them.

The adaptation is different on every level and may be chemical, physical, biological, psychological, etc. But, there are always two opposite forces between them and any formula: from Newton or Einstein, or any chemical interaction, it doesn’t matter. It is all the same; everything is only about the interaction between opposites.

How can we show people that we are advancing towards such opposites, which have to be corrected in advance, and if we do not correct them, we should at least neutralize them?

Our correction is in two phases. First we have to remove the mutual hatred, which means to isolate the two opposite forces so that they will not be able to get close to one another. Second, we have to use the two forces correctly so they will actually spin the engine that generates positive energy.

At the same time, the first part removes the negative energy of the wrong connection between us, which is called “don’t do unto your friend what is hateful to you.” Then we become neutral.

In the second phase, we use two opposite forces, such as love and hate, by connecting the two Divine forces, placing a helpful mechanism (load) between them. This helpful load is our connection, our unity.

In other words, by connecting we actually become the load ourselves, and then the forces begin to illuminate inside us, generating the Light like a light bulb. This is the state of the future upper world.

Everything is very simple. Imagine people with opposite attributes flying towards each other about to crash, an explosion, murder, or war is about to happen. But at the same moment, a slowdown begins according to the law of “don’t do unto your friend what is hateful to you.” When the velocity diminishes, they begin to connect according to the law of “love thy friend as thyself.” Eventually instead of collisions and wars, there is suddenly love, affection, friendship, justice, and agreement.

That’s the reason that humanity’s expectation, the yearning for the right connection, is between two opposite characters called the Tabernacle.

The greatness of our forefathers is in the fact that they discovered these laws and passed them on to us with infinite care for all of humanity, so that we will be able to use them and advance along the good path.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 12/06/13

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