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“Neuroscientists Confirm That Our Loved Ones Become Ourselves”

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Psychology Today): “A new study has confirmed that humankind’s capacity for love and friendship sets us apart from all other species. Researchers at University of Virginia have found that humans are hardwired to empathize with those close to them at a neural level.

“Interestingly, the ability to put yourselves in another person’s shoes depends drastically on whether the person is a stranger or someone you know. … Humans have evolved to have our self-identity become woven into a neural tapestry with our loved ones.”

My Comment: We are actually connected by much closer ties, so much that our thoughts, feelings, actions, all of us and in everything, we are one body—and only our egoism falsely shows us division into parts.

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Convention in Tallin 2014

On May 1-3, about 60 kilometers from Tallinn, in a wonderful place called Yaneda, a convention about the method of integral education and information, the wisdom of connection, was held that gathered 120 people from 12 nations. 

Russians were unusually in the minority, which is unusual for them; mainly groups from Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Sweden, and Finland gathered, and representatives also arrived from Norway, Germany, England, and even Italy. The participants all had different experiences of the method of integral education, in different languages, with different temperaments and needs, but all were of the same opinion: The three days went by like three hours in which everyone lived three lives.

Is It Possible To Attain An Objective Picture Of Reality?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We see the changing seasons, day and night, and the changes in life in nature. Is this an objective understanding of time or a totally subjective feeling?

Answer: There is no objective understanding of any kind. If I perceive something as a spectator, it cannot be objective in any way. Even if someone tells me what he sees, but I am the one who hears what he says, I perceive and feel it in my own way.

There cannot be any form of objectivity. If a person perceives only his own feelings and knows nothing of what is going on other than that, there cannot be any form of objectivity.

This is especially true when it comes to the perception of time, place, and motion, which exist inside a person. A spectator with different senses would feel a totally different world. We know that our senses perceive only a small part of reality.

However, we perceive something that cannot be perceived despite our subjective, individual reality. There is actually a certain range that we don’t perceive even in our subjective perception, but we understand that we cannot perceive it.

We have no idea what else can exist except for that. It is because we cannot rise above our mind and know something that we have never felt. We can feel it only if we change our senses.

But even if we have new senses, who can guarantee that we will perceive an objective picture? After all, it is also depicted only in our feelings.

An objective perception of reality can only be attained when we exit our senses. We don’t need to change them, but simply to rise above them to something that is absolute. In order to do that, we need a special science and this opportunity comes only from the wisdom of Kabbalah.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 4/17/14

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How Did the Dispute Between Abraham And Nimrod End?

Dr. Michael LaitmanHistorically, the wisdom of Kabbalah begins in ancient Babel where all of humanity encountered a new state. Before that, people lived a simple life which everyone understood. Everyone wanted to succeed and they somehow got along with one another. Suddenly, however, they felt how much they hated one another and could not get along.

Conflicts broke out and their pride grew so much that allegorically this period is described as a time when people wanted to build a tower to reach the heavens. It was a very dangerous situation, a real civil war, an internal war.

Many people tried to resolve this sate and many wise men at the time realized the reason for the crisis. The reason was that all of humanity was in one place and people were tightly connected to one another; the integral system was revealed among them, but their relationships were not good.

They had two choices: either to improve the connections between them, which means to correct themselves, or to draw away from one another and break the connections. If a connection is bad and cannot be corrected, then they have to separate.

Thus, two schools were formed: At the head of one was Abraham who said that human nature must be corrected and people should connect by love, understanding, brotherhood, and closeness. At the head of the second school was Nimrod who spoke about drawing away from one another, like a couple that is getting divorced today since they cannot get along.

Humanity followed Nimrod, decided to separate, and dispersed all over the world. This state continued until the end of the 20th century when the same state people felt in ancient Babel is recurring. Once again we find ourselves connected, not in one small place but all over the globe.

Now we cannot resolve the conflict by using Nimrod’s method of drawing further away from one another. There is nowhere we can draw away to because the integral connection is fully revealed among everyone. There is no choice now but to follow Abraham’s method, which means to correct the relations between us by correcting man’s nature.

This is the state we are in today. This is why Abraham’s method, called the wisdom of Kabbalah is revealed today, which explains how to correct our nature so that the connections between us will be good.
From the Convention In France “One For All And All For One,” Day One 5/9/14, Lesson 1

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A Correction Agreement

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe method of spiritual transformation is given to us when we are undergoing the worst afflictions, when we finally agree to end our horrible mutual relationships and wish to unite.

We agree to change ourselves and we realize that we cannot do it by ourselves, that only the force that created us can operate here and give us birth anew. It turns out that having been corrupted by our own ego, we have to undergo a serious correction.

We agree to that and confirm it, and wish to annul all the repulsion that we feel between us. Of course, we cannot object in the state we are, but at the same time, we don’t want to be merely neutral, but also to participate in the process, although we cannot do so.

Therefore we ask: “Help us agree to participate in the creation, not only in our intention but also in our actions, so that we will totally convert our attributes.” When humanity feels this prayer everyone will feel that this option exists.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 12/6/13

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Dissemination Makes Us Like The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanI hope that through dissemination we will feel a need to adhere with the Creator. The group itself doesn’t have a big enough deficiency for this. If the dissemination will be with a strong enough intensity, in return, this will create pressure on us. We will then need to mature, like a young couple who become parents and begin to take care of a child. They are forced to become more serious, more mature, responsible and independent.

Then you will need to see that in every stage of life it is only a picture and nothing more. It comes from the Creator as a game, and  with the help of the environment, you must position yourself towards it in the right way.

The more you participate in the group, in dissemination, and essentially in the world because you are going to bestow to the whole world, the more and more actively and practically you enter into this game with the Creator. This helps you to participate in it with more understanding and more feeling.

Just as the Creator acts on you, manages you, and plays with you, you act in exactly the same way towards the external community, managing and playing with it. Meanwhile, you still don’t know and don’t feel this yourself, as you have not yet accommodated between you, the community, and the Creator. But this will come.

During the process of work in the community, you will feel that it is very much like what the Creator does with you. In sum, what does Bina do? It takes what is before it, from Keter to the middle of Bina, and bestows all this to Malchut.

So our dissemination is really the game of life where we learn and transform ourselves in order to become similar to the Creator.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/04/14, Writing of Rabash

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We Learn Much More From Students

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How does it follow that you can try for years to connect with the society unsuccessfully and not understand and feel that the society is more important and greater than you, and then within half an hour of dissemination work, you suddenly understand everything?

Answer: The idea is that dissemination makes you more like the Creator. You come to tell people about connection, love, and the necessity to unite, and with this you become a conduit for the Light, a pipe that transmits the Light.

And because you carry out your role with this, from Above a little more special Light comes to you that causes you to grow. If you raise the shortcoming of the lower to the higher, you get a double portion. You are already getting a part of your AHP that you never had before. With this you grow qualitatively: It’s not just that from a little baby you become a big baby; rather, you get the powers and understanding of a youth and then those of a mature person.

If a person doesn’t take care of the external public, he will not develop his desire to receive, his AHP. And all intelligence, sensation, and development are found in the AHP. Therefore, it is said: (Talmud Babyli, “Ta’anit,” 7a) I learned much from my masters, more from my friends, and even more from my students.

For when a teacher teaches his students, he develops his AHP, as it is said: (Talmud Babyli, “Baba Batra,” 124a) The firstborn gets a double portion. And through this he grows. And if a teacher doesn’t take care of his students, then he grows only in his Galgalta and Eynaim, which is called being mute.

But the moment that you go out to disseminate, you qualitatively develop your vesselsthis is the AHP of the vessels. Therefore, this is so important. I hope that dissemination will bring us salvation, meaning that it will raise us to the next level.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/4/14, Writing of Rabash

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About The Music Of Nature

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I grew up in nature, on a farm, surrounded by fields and gardens, in a world of sounds. What is the music of nature?

Answer: If a person lives in a place like this, then the music of nature is actually what should fill him and tune him correctly. The music of nature provides the right background for a good and healthy life. Trees, flowers, and the wind are all sounds that are actually vital for a person’s state of balance.

Question: How is the natural world of the sounds of nature around us related to a person’s health?

Answer: It is common knowledge that music can heal, stabilize the heart beat, our inner frequencies, and the inner organs. Everything depends on the sounds that we hear.

People have not yet learned to make proper use of that, but there is a great potential in it. It is a wonderful way to cleanse, correct, and tune a person.

Comment: This is very interesting since I lived in India for a while after my military service, in remote places, far away from any form of civilization, and I felt very healthy, healthier than I ever felt before. When I returned to the ordinary urban environment, I realized to what extent the music of nature had healed me.
From the program “A New Life” 4/27/2014

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