Eternal Life Within The Integral Connection

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe are at the beginning of the way of the correction of human nature and the correction of the world. The method of Abraham teaches that a person must rise above his nature and connect with others in such a form that we create a circle.

Dr. Michael Laitman

If each one were to abandon himself and adhere to the center of our common general connection, with this we would create a unique power, a special additional sense. It is as if we were to wear new glasses that would make it possible to see the world through integral vision that doesn’t belong to me personally.

In normal life we are built in such a way that I see what is useful or harmful to my desire to receive. And what doesn’t affect my ego doesn’t concern it, so I don’t see, don’t feel, and don’t discover this.

Around us there are an entire creation of systems and worlds, but we don’t feel them. Our senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch don’t perceive this reality, because they are found on a completely different level.

But when we connect together, each one with the others, then we acquire the shared integral sense of one for all. This sense is called the Neshama (soul). And then we begin to feel life in another dimension that doesn’t depend upon the body or its life and death.

I acquire an integral sense that is not found in my body; instead, I am found within it! And so it makes no difference if my body lives or dies. Nothing makes a difference to me, for indeed I have risen to another level of existence.

In the beginning we developed on the level of the still, and after that, the level of the vegetative. Then we reached the level of the animate and we are living in that level in the meantime since we receive everything through our bodies. Now we need to rise to the level of the speaking, but we still don’t know what this level is. But to rise to it is possible only on the condition that we all connect and unite. This makes it possible for us to go outside of ourselves and rise above our bodies.

So the wisdom of Kabbalah speaks about our general connection in the central point of our relationship. This is how each one of us acquires the sixth sense.
From the Convention In France “One For All And All For One,” Day One 5/09/14, Lesson 1

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