The Heart Of The World

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Book Of Zohar, “Pinchas” item 152: Israel, the Creator made them the heart of the world, and this is the way Israel are among the other nations, like a heart among the other organs. And just like the organs of the body cannot exist in the world even for a moment without the heart, the other nations also cannot exist in the world without Israel.

There are no differences in the world of Ein Sof (infinity). There everyone is equal since the upper Light has created everyone equally according to its nature.

Then there was the first restriction (Tzimtzum Aleph) one and the Light disappeared equally from all the borders of Malchut of Ein Sof, and concentrated around a middle point. That’s the way it actually was until the shattering of the vessels.

After the shattering, the vessels fell and were arranged from the top down, and since then, the vessels with the smallest Aviut (thickness) are on top.

In the world of Nikudim there were already ten Sefirot. Its upper part was Bina and the bottom part was Malchut. So the vessels of the root phase, phase one, and part of phase two are the vessels of bestowal (Israel) and the vessels of Aviut three and four are vessels of receiving (the nations of the world).

Thus the vessels of Bina are clarified first. Abraham started this process back in ancient Babylon. As the first point, the right line, Abraham turned to all the Babylonians, to all the vessels, but those who joined him were the vessels of bestowal who felt the Light that illuminated from Abraham when he spread his message. Therefore, they are called Israel according to the Reshimot (spiritual genes) that were revealed in them.

The others dispersed all over the globe and today they make up all of humanity, which is seven billion people.

Later, we have to understand that there is a great difference in the inner essence of the people who belong to these two categories: Israel and the nations of the world. In Israel, there is Reshimo of Malchut in Bina, and in the nations of the world, there is the Reshimo of Bina in Malchut, accordingly.  Malchut dominates the nations of the world and the level of Bina is in it, and Bina dominates Israel with Malchut incorporated in it.

Thus the Reshimot of Malchut and Bina were integrated as a result of the shattering, and this integration exists in every person, since we are all products of the shattering of the common soul of Adam HaRishon (the first man). However, in some people, Malchut dominates Bina, and in others Bina dominates Malchut.

This leads to a great difference during the awakening. Israel awakens when the Light that Reforms affects them, while those who are under the domination of Malchut cannot awaken by this Light. They can only join Bina as Malchut. When Malchut annuls itself before Bina, it builds itself.

The Heart Of The World

This is what we base our dissemination on. After all, even in Israel, there are those who are similar to the nations of the world, and in the nations of the world, there are those who are similar to Israel. Those from the nations of the world who resemble Israel come and join us. Those of us who resemble the nations of the world join the nations of the world. This is how the diffusion takes place, about which it says: “Israel went to exile only in order to attach the souls of the gentiles to them.” This process determines our work and we understand that the law, according to which the correction is done, from the lightest to the more serious part, operates here. This is why we start with people who are attracted to us and then we expand the circles of our dissemination.

Moreover, according to The Zohar, Israel are the heart of the world. This means that the Light can only come to the world through someone who is connected, someone who can be a pipe, an adaptor, a link, between the Creator and the vessels, which are the nations of the world. It is the role of Israel since they are connected both to Bina and to Malchut as Malchut is connected to Keter in its upper part, and in its lower part, ZAT of Bina is connected to Malchut.

Therefore, Israel is a special group that we have to gather all over the world. By this kind of work we establish the passage in this world between humanity and the Creator.

But the goal of creation, on behalf of the Creator, is that humanity will come in contact with Him. We are merely a passageway and we serve both the Creator and humanity. Our honor and our destiny is actually in establishing this contact. If it weren’t for the connection between the Creator and the nations of the world and if we didn’t think that we would delight Him by bringing all of humanity to Him, we wouldn’t fulfill our role.

So we have to treat the nations of the world very nicely and care about what happens to them. Today we see that they have problems, troubles, and afflictions and this should be a sign to us that we are not succeeding in our work.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/2/14, The Mission of the people of Israel

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