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Hopeless Pursuit

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Natalia Voykova, Terra America columnist, gender issues expert): “Having received  the necessary freedom in the 20th century, the woman began to settle in and change the modern world order; she is in no hurry to have children, but is she satisfied with this freedom?

“Both the left and the right constructed the modern woman – strong, self-sufficient, educated, business-like, single. According to the logic of capitalism, the struggle for women’s rights was a struggle for the right to consume without looking at the man.

“The oppositionist’s image evokes sympathy; it is always fashionable to be ‘opposed’ – and today it means to be a conservative – and that means society is on the way to unisex – to a new type of human being, new power in the surrealistic virtual world, in which men and women are equal.

“A combination of male and female in the modern woman is her integral part. The woman is no longer chasing a man: she overtakes him. Opportunities began to be shared not between men and women, but between capable and incapable. As a result, we see no great inequality between men and women, but between women. The level of inequality is determined by education.

2. Well-educated people marry each other. And vice versa. This is how unisex society is formed.

3. Further, there is a society of ‘hen’ – a cross between ‘he’ and ‘she.’ In Germany, the gender in a newborn is abolished. The first sexless person has been registered in Australia.

“The bottom line: civilization has nearly lost the woman in the pursuit of a woman.”

My Comment: Family life will come back into fashion after the “recognition of evil” in progress with the result that in the end the woman got nothing …

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The Group Is My Voice

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How is my dialogue with the Creator connected to a group?

Answer: Through the group I learn the language by which the Creator speaks to me. What I receive through the world is conveyed to me in the language of Kabbalah. Yet I am not ready to answer the Creator by myself because I am not ready to create the world and influence it.

The Creator creates the reality within me, in my brain and emotions, and so I feel the world and myself. This is how the Creator created reality and speaks to me.

So that I will be able to answer Him, I need a different language, my private language. The speech is created with the help of the five parts of the lungs, and five articulations of the mouth, tongue, palate, and throat. There are also different groups of sounds depending on the pronunciation: teeth, palate, throat, lips, and tongue.

The mechanism of speech is a very unique system. It is not by chance that the level of Adam (man) is called the “speaking.” Our brain and our mechanism of speech are tightly connected. Through the throat, the lungs, and the mouth, I convey to others, the thoughts that I have in my brain. And others are able to hear them. This means that there are two separate mechanisms: one for speech and the other, which is completely different, for hearing. These are very profound matters.

I receive the entire picture of reality from the Creator through my five senses, which are seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, and feeling, and I then answer Him. But how am I ready to answer Him if all of my senses work on the basis of receiving information? How should I react to His turning towards me?

I cannot do this by myself, but only by means of a unique Kli (vessel) that I have built for myself called integral desire. This obliges me to bend my ego and connect with the friends, which is completely against my nature.

Even so, I try to do this, and in this way, I build an additional sense through which I can converse with the Creator. This will become my spiritual mouth, and then the Creator will hear me. He speaks with me by way of the entire world within which I am found. And I speak with Him through the integral sense, which is the group. I have no other mechanism through which I can convey information to the Creator.

When I am within the group and connected to it, I activate my inner senses. They begin to activate not my physical senses, like seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and touching, but all of my desires and all of my thoughts. It follows that when I am included in a group, through it I fully activate all of myself and all of my inner aspirations.

Through the center of the group, I send my complete likeness to the Creator, just as He shows me a complete picture of the world and myself through the group in which are integrated all kinds of thoughts and various sensations. I speak with the Creator, “out loud.”

If I were to receive from the Creator the picture that I send to Him by way of the center of the group, I would see that this is also a picture of the world. Indeed this is my reaction to what He arranges for me in my life. The whole essence of the impressions and experiences of myself and the world, from all the experience that I have gathered, passes through the center of the group and is absorbed by the Creator.

That is how we begin to carry on a dialogue. The Creator turns to me in the form of the entire world, including the group and myself, and I turn to Him through the center of the group.
From the Convention In France “One For All And All For One,” Day Two 5/10/14, Lesson 2

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Art At Work

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Inner work is a matter of constant inner clarifications. Is it possible to love it?

Answer: A good worker is called an artist who enjoys his work and not for the pay. He needs the reward only for advancement, but for him it isn’t the main thing.

He carries out difficult and unpleasant actions, but he loves his work and receives delight from it, which he can discover only through hard work and efforts.

That is called art, otherwise it is just an simple act of work for reward.  What is considered is only the extent to which you enjoy the work that the Creator gives you. Therefore, we need to honor Pharaoh.

Everything depends on that, on what you identify with. It can be that I only want to feel good and nothing else concerns me. Or the opposite, it isn’t important what I feel, but I need to know the essence of the actions that I am now going through. And from that, I want to receive satisfaction.

This means that I am not stuck in the sensations from within my desire to receive, but to the idea, the goal, and the mission, which brings me satisfaction. In that, I change from one form of fulfillment to the other and I detach myself from the feeling of difficulty in the work and from the darkness and attach myself to the greatness of the goal; specifically from within the greatest darkness, I am able to see the greatest Light and the greatest satisfaction.

I change the inner essence of the action, and instead of delight, which is received within the ego, I receive delight from my connection with the Creator. Therefore, it is only from within the greatest darkness, from the Machsom (barrier) that I can’t cross, and the Masach (screen), which is between myself and the Creator, in which I am interested, can I justify it and transform myself to be like it.

It is specifically through this that I become independent in Gmar Tikkun (end of correction) by completely differentiating from the Creator and adhering to Him above all the differences. Thus two opposites connect.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/1/14, The Book of Zohar

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We Should Not Let Kabbalah Fall into Concealment Again

Dr. Michael LaitmanThroughout its entire history, humanity has advanced due to its egoism. It started 14 billion years ago at the time of the Big Bang after which inanimate matter began developing. Later, plants and animals appeared on the face of Earth. However, now in the 21st century, we are approaching the speaking level.

 We Should Not Let Kabbalah Fall into Concealment Again-1

This is why we find ourselves in a major, integral crisis that involves all spheres of our life. We cannot live in peace with our spouses, children, bosses at work, friends, or neighbors, nobody! Even with ourselves!

Hence, we feel absolutely miserable. All the smart and super-complex systems that have been built won’t help us because human society is not balanced with the rest of nature.

We Should Not Let Kabbalah Fall into Concealment Again-2

There is a gap between humans and nature because the latter is integral, whereas we remain individualists. In other words, there is a “plus” on behalf of nature, and our part, on the contrary, is a “minus.” This difference is so huge that we cannot enjoy our lives. No matter how hard we try, we won’t be able to escape dramatic problems that eventually will unfold.

That’s why in the course of history, the wisdom of Kabbalah was concealed from the people, waiting for the time when humanity developed its egoism to a certain level. Starting with ancient Babylon and up to our time (for approximately 3,500 years), Kabbalah was a hidden science.

We Should Not Let Kabbalah Fall into Concealment Again-3

Humanity progressed without having a clue about the wisdom of Kabbalah. Because humanity failed to implement Kabbalistic knowledge in ancient Babylon, we had to continue advancing our egoism up until this time. Currently, the wisdom is revealed. At this time, we are in the second point of the revelation of Kabbalah . We are the first ones who study it, thus we are receiving a chance to correct ourselves.

If we don’t succeed, our egoistic advancement will proceed for a little longer. Then, the wisdom of Kabbalah will again be concealed for a certain period of time during which terrible catastrophes will take place, such as a third world war, numerous disasters, etc. Afflictions will continue, unfolding until awful tragedies trigger a new revelation of Kabbalah. Complete desperation will eventually force humanity to implement this knowledge.

This is our current state. That’s why we have built a system that allows us to study, implement, and disseminate the methodology. Today, the entire humanity represents a new Babylon. It means that we have to work on our correction because it is the only way to change ourselves.
From the Convention In France “One For All And All For One,” Day One 5/09/14, Lesson 1

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How To Rise Above The Power Of Pain

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: There are various levels of concealment. Why is it that we sometimes go through states that are so painful that we cannot think of anything besides the pain and thus detach from the Creator?

Answer: At times, the work can be done in the state of concealment; sometimes it is not so. It depends on the type of concealment. It so happens that every now and then, all one is going through is just physical pain. The Light impacts this person’s desire and demonstrates a lack of health and tremendous physical suffering.

According to the physical affliction, one remains at the inanimate, vegetative, and animate levels. One does not, as yet, ascend to a speaking level. In other words, the Light illuminates to this person only the first three stages but doesn’t reach the fourth level, since the fourth phase is a human state; i.e., a state when a person has already established a connection with the Creator.

If the Light embraces only the first three levels, one feels pain and nothing else. However, if the Light illuminates one additional level (the speaking level), one starts understanding that the origin of one’s pain is the Creator. In other words, this person stays in concealment because he senses affliction instead of benevolence. And yet, to some extent one attains some degree of revelation because one realizes that the Creator is the origin of one’s suffering. It means that one can already deal with one’s troubles.

Everything depends on the Light. When the Light stops working, people turn into animals. When the Light shines, even a little on us, we become just slightly similar to human beings, to the people that we will become in the future. At least we establish some connection with the upper governance.

Are we able to control this state? It is possible only within the group; nothing else will help. If one is used to being a part of the group, then even if one becomes subjected to this kind of the Creator’s impact and even if one doesn’t feel anything except pain that in one’s eyes is not connected with Him in any way, with the help of one’s friends, one can quickly wake up and connect with the Creator.

If one is not a part of a group, one will inevitably fall under the power of pain and severe problems, nor will one be able to advance until the Upper Force takes pity on him. This natural developmental program continues working and continuously modifies the states we go through.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/2/14, Writings of Rabash

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The Missing Element In The World Mosaic

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion:  Why is it said that the truth can be seen only from the opposite side, the darkness? Do we ever perceive anything except deceit?

Answer: All we see is the deficiency that has to be filled with our correct attitude to the Creator. In this context, the truth is a revelation of an empty space that has to be filled with our love of the Creator and our correct attitude to the absence of revelation.

The Creator discloses a fragment of the entire picture to us, and we have to figure out what form of bestowal we are supposed to discover in the piece of the puzzle we are given. We can do it through work in the group, dissemination, and the states we go through.

We can only guess what particular shape we have to choose to fill the empty space in the puzzle. We have to make a decision when we see a cloud above and the earth below the empty space or the grass and a small part of a tree on either side. So I imagine what’s in the middle of the puzzle , i.e., what form of bestowal it is. If we work with our deficiencies in this manner, we will eventually find out what’s missing.

The process of working with the deficiencies described above is called “a revelation.” The Creator shows us the place of the deficiency; He unveils and illuminates it for us. That’s why we begin sensing the deficiency. The Creator influences our will to receive by the Light of Hassadim (mercy). Our will to receive rejects the Light of Mercy. However, the lack of a desire “impresses” the will to receive and it manifests in various forms.

This is the way a negative picture is built in us. Our task is to flip it and transform it into a correct and positive form.

We can only guess what particular form of bestowal is missing in the world and in our relationships with others. In fact, the overall bestowal that dresses in this world is the Creator. We can only imagine what this form is, but we are unable to fill the empty spaces without the Creator, and therefore we need His assistance.

Thus, a need to disclose the Giver’s shape appears in us. We want the world in this missing fragment of the puzzle to be corrected, reaching the state of mutual bestowal. This is how we gradually complete the puzzle.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/2/14, Writings of Rabash

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Music Untangles The Strings Of The Soul

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What happens inside me when I listen to music that penetrates me?

Answer: The sound of music generates a harmonious feeling inside us, creates balance between all the frequencies of the sounds and we are filled with great pleasure by that.

This impression can last for a long time, from the beginning of the composition to its end, but in fact we enjoy the wholeness that we feel in these sounds, like a text, words, or wisdom, but here it is conveyed through our feelings.

Our matter is a desire to enjoy, and so the sound of music has an immediate effect on our desire and makes us feel and understand that this is surely a force that affects all our parts in a balanced and harmonious manner. There is something of the upper perfection of nature in it.

So when I listen to music, my inner vessels are rebuilt according to this harmony and I begin to feel that I ascend above my matter, above everything that happens. Music corrects us and lifts us upwards. It can purify, cleanse, tune, and regulate us.

I am presently like a musical instrument with entangled strings, an instrument that is flawed and out of tune. Suddenly the music reaches me, the sounds penetrate me in a precise order, are connected to one another with harmonious chords, forte, piano, and all this tunes and calibrates me. I fee how the music takes over my feelings and untangles them, as if it combs me according to the tune.

This is the reason that we really love it when music takes us over. If it is classical music, we want it to take over our feelings and to fill all the emptiness inside, just like water that pours and fills us with sounds. This is the effect music has on man.

The sounds reach us from the level of the upper Bina, and so we don’t feel any threat in music. A person can be scared by some picture or by words, but music doesn’t scare us, even if it is the alarming sound of drums.

It evokes emotion within us and can make us feel excited. But most musical pieces were meant to make a person feel pleasure and joy. It can move us to tears, but it is a very internal, intimate experience.

It isn’t a message that is transmitted to us visually or by an audible message that can scare us. We can listen to music and not know who composed it, what it is about, or who is playing it. It is like pure water that washes my vessel, but doesn’t obligate me in any way.
From the program “A New Life” 4/27/2014

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Moving Towards The Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: It says in The Book of Zohar that during the construction of the Tabernacle the world was given love, justice, peace and unity as a present.

Answer: The Tabernacle is a Divine patent of connection between two opposite forces that complement one another.

In our world there is only hatred, rivalry, dispute and disagreement. As they accumulate more and more, they turn into a war and then everything quiets down for a while. But peace and the tranquility are only a period of transition to the next level of hatred and competition.

Unfortunately, the Divine patent isn’t known to man, since we see that throughout our history people hate one another, no matter how hard they try to establish different frameworks of diplomacy, ethics, laws, etc., among themselves.

In the past, there were certain norms and codes of behavior that don’t exist today. No one is ashamed of anything, no one is ashamed of anyone, and competition is a natural thing.

In the past, man, not money, was in first place. The main values were a person’s cultural needs and his perspective. This is how he was brought up.

Today, however, everything is measured in terms of money. Young people don’t choose a profession according to their inclinations but because the pay is high.

We have simply ascended to the next level of opposition between two opposite forces and now we should reach a very serious and special state where we will not be able to live in hate, envy, competition, rivalry, conflicts and disputes.

Today everyone agrees that resistance is felt towards everyone else and everyone feels resistance towards certain individuals, but that doesn’t really worry anyone, “So what? That’s the way I am and that’s how I relate to others.” This is a very good state because it is here that the the truth is revealed.

This is how we live and this is our nature. The crisis is everywhere as we see part of humanity starving, while another part discards food, but people ignore this calmly, “So what if people are starving, we don’t care.” We feel no compassion but only rivalry and hatred towards everyone.

Thus we need to reach a state where this rivalry becomes unbearable because otherwise these two opposite forces will get so close to one another that there will be sparks between them that will burn us and bring us to the end of our existence.

We need to feel this threat directly, not with regard to all of humanity, but with regard to ourselves, because we don’t care about anyone but ourselves.

When this feeling reaches our internal “I,”people will realize and acknowledge the fact that there has to be a way out of here since there is a splitting point in nature that allows us to exit this state. Then, thanks to our great egoistic desire, we will begin to search and demand from inside ourselves the way to the opposite state. And we will find it because we have a method to create such a resistance between us by which we can change our work in mutual hatred  to love, justice, mutual understanding, and equality.

This is all our work. This is why we were given a head and knowledge, so that we will not advance in the dark like a mole, but along the path of the Light, seeing the goal before us.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 12/06/13

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 05.19.14

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