The Missing Element In The World Mosaic

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion:  Why is it said that the truth can be seen only from the opposite side, the darkness? Do we ever perceive anything except deceit?

Answer: All we see is the deficiency that has to be filled with our correct attitude to the Creator. In this context, the truth is a revelation of an empty space that has to be filled with our love of the Creator and our correct attitude to the absence of revelation.

The Creator discloses a fragment of the entire picture to us, and we have to figure out what form of bestowal we are supposed to discover in the piece of the puzzle we are given. We can do it through work in the group, dissemination, and the states we go through.

We can only guess what particular shape we have to choose to fill the empty space in the puzzle. We have to make a decision when we see a cloud above and the earth below the empty space or the grass and a small part of a tree on either side. So I imagine what’s in the middle of the puzzle , i.e., what form of bestowal it is. If we work with our deficiencies in this manner, we will eventually find out what’s missing.

The process of working with the deficiencies described above is called “a revelation.” The Creator shows us the place of the deficiency; He unveils and illuminates it for us. That’s why we begin sensing the deficiency. The Creator influences our will to receive by the Light of Hassadim (mercy). Our will to receive rejects the Light of Mercy. However, the lack of a desire “impresses” the will to receive and it manifests in various forms.

This is the way a negative picture is built in us. Our task is to flip it and transform it into a correct and positive form.

We can only guess what particular form of bestowal is missing in the world and in our relationships with others. In fact, the overall bestowal that dresses in this world is the Creator. We can only imagine what this form is, but we are unable to fill the empty spaces without the Creator, and therefore we need His assistance.

Thus, a need to disclose the Giver’s shape appears in us. We want the world in this missing fragment of the puzzle to be corrected, reaching the state of mutual bestowal. This is how we gradually complete the puzzle.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/2/14, Writings of Rabash

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