Music Untangles The Strings Of The Soul

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What happens inside me when I listen to music that penetrates me?

Answer: The sound of music generates a harmonious feeling inside us, creates balance between all the frequencies of the sounds and we are filled with great pleasure by that.

This impression can last for a long time, from the beginning of the composition to its end, but in fact we enjoy the wholeness that we feel in these sounds, like a text, words, or wisdom, but here it is conveyed through our feelings.

Our matter is a desire to enjoy, and so the sound of music has an immediate effect on our desire and makes us feel and understand that this is surely a force that affects all our parts in a balanced and harmonious manner. There is something of the upper perfection of nature in it.

So when I listen to music, my inner vessels are rebuilt according to this harmony and I begin to feel that I ascend above my matter, above everything that happens. Music corrects us and lifts us upwards. It can purify, cleanse, tune, and regulate us.

I am presently like a musical instrument with entangled strings, an instrument that is flawed and out of tune. Suddenly the music reaches me, the sounds penetrate me in a precise order, are connected to one another with harmonious chords, forte, piano, and all this tunes and calibrates me. I fee how the music takes over my feelings and untangles them, as if it combs me according to the tune.

This is the reason that we really love it when music takes us over. If it is classical music, we want it to take over our feelings and to fill all the emptiness inside, just like water that pours and fills us with sounds. This is the effect music has on man.

The sounds reach us from the level of the upper Bina, and so we don’t feel any threat in music. A person can be scared by some picture or by words, but music doesn’t scare us, even if it is the alarming sound of drums.

It evokes emotion within us and can make us feel excited. But most musical pieces were meant to make a person feel pleasure and joy. It can move us to tears, but it is a very internal, intimate experience.

It isn’t a message that is transmitted to us visually or by an audible message that can scare us. We can listen to music and not know who composed it, what it is about, or who is playing it. It is like pure water that washes my vessel, but doesn’t obligate me in any way.
From the program “A New Life” 4/27/2014

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