Moving Towards The Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: It says in The Book of Zohar that during the construction of the Tabernacle the world was given love, justice, peace and unity as a present.

Answer: The Tabernacle is a Divine patent of connection between two opposite forces that complement one another.

In our world there is only hatred, rivalry, dispute and disagreement. As they accumulate more and more, they turn into a war and then everything quiets down for a while. But peace and the tranquility are only a period of transition to the next level of hatred and competition.

Unfortunately, the Divine patent isn’t known to man, since we see that throughout our history people hate one another, no matter how hard they try to establish different frameworks of diplomacy, ethics, laws, etc., among themselves.

In the past, there were certain norms and codes of behavior that don’t exist today. No one is ashamed of anything, no one is ashamed of anyone, and competition is a natural thing.

In the past, man, not money, was in first place. The main values were a person’s cultural needs and his perspective. This is how he was brought up.

Today, however, everything is measured in terms of money. Young people don’t choose a profession according to their inclinations but because the pay is high.

We have simply ascended to the next level of opposition between two opposite forces and now we should reach a very serious and special state where we will not be able to live in hate, envy, competition, rivalry, conflicts and disputes.

Today everyone agrees that resistance is felt towards everyone else and everyone feels resistance towards certain individuals, but that doesn’t really worry anyone, “So what? That’s the way I am and that’s how I relate to others.” This is a very good state because it is here that the the truth is revealed.

This is how we live and this is our nature. The crisis is everywhere as we see part of humanity starving, while another part discards food, but people ignore this calmly, “So what if people are starving, we don’t care.” We feel no compassion but only rivalry and hatred towards everyone.

Thus we need to reach a state where this rivalry becomes unbearable because otherwise these two opposite forces will get so close to one another that there will be sparks between them that will burn us and bring us to the end of our existence.

We need to feel this threat directly, not with regard to all of humanity, but with regard to ourselves, because we don’t care about anyone but ourselves.

When this feeling reaches our internal “I,”people will realize and acknowledge the fact that there has to be a way out of here since there is a splitting point in nature that allows us to exit this state. Then, thanks to our great egoistic desire, we will begin to search and demand from inside ourselves the way to the opposite state. And we will find it because we have a method to create such a resistance between us by which we can change our work in mutual hatred  to love, justice, mutual understanding, and equality.

This is all our work. This is why we were given a head and knowledge, so that we will not advance in the dark like a mole, but along the path of the Light, seeing the goal before us.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 12/06/13

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