Hopeless Pursuit

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Natalia Voykova, Terra America columnist, gender issues expert): “Having received  the necessary freedom in the 20th century, the woman began to settle in and change the modern world order; she is in no hurry to have children, but is she satisfied with this freedom?

“Both the left and the right constructed the modern woman – strong, self-sufficient, educated, business-like, single. According to the logic of capitalism, the struggle for women’s rights was a struggle for the right to consume without looking at the man.

“The oppositionist’s image evokes sympathy; it is always fashionable to be ‘opposed’ – and today it means to be a conservative – and that means society is on the way to unisex – to a new type of human being, new power in the surrealistic virtual world, in which men and women are equal.

“A combination of male and female in the modern woman is her integral part. The woman is no longer chasing a man: she overtakes him. Opportunities began to be shared not between men and women, but between capable and incapable. As a result, we see no great inequality between men and women, but between women. The level of inequality is determined by education.

2. Well-educated people marry each other. And vice versa. This is how unisex society is formed.

3. Further, there is a society of ‘hen’ – a cross between ‘he’ and ‘she.’ In Germany, the gender in a newborn is abolished. The first sexless person has been registered in Australia.

“The bottom line: civilization has nearly lost the woman in the pursuit of a woman.”

My Comment: Family life will come back into fashion after the “recognition of evil” in progress with the result that in the end the woman got nothing …

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