“The Declining Demand For Husbands”

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from The New York Times): “Once upon a time women seemed more eager than men to marry. Today such generalizations no longer apply.

“Is it women’s preferences (the demand for husbands) or men’s preferences (the supply of husbands) that are driving the trend toward less marriage? It’s hard to tell, but some gender asymmetries are apparent. For instance, a recent poll of unmarried blacks of prime marrying age found that only 25 percent of women were seeking a long-term relationship compared with 43 percent of men. …

“As a contractual commitment, marriage has a price. It offers both costs and benefits to potential partners. The contract involves commitments for financial support and family care on terms that can be completely egalitarian. …

“Women are willing to pay a higher price for marriage than men if they have few alternatives, as when their opportunities for economic independence are restricted. An increase in the supply of women who want to marry drives the price of marriage down for men.

“If the supply of women who want to marry decreases, the terms of marriage move in favor of women. They are likely to receive a larger share of joint income and leisure time. Husbands become more likely to relinquish some decision-making power and do more housework and child care.

“Marriage market dynamics mean that a bride’s bargaining power is partly determined by the number of other choices her groom has (and vice versa). The changing terms of marriage complicate the effects of women’s improved economic position. On the one hand, men should like the prospect of sharing income with a high-earning woman. On the other hand, they may find it difficult to adjust to a new social role. …

“These economists also contend that couples in which the wife earns more than the husband are less satisfied with their marriage and are more likely to divorce. …

“The demand for long-term commitments seems to be steadily declining among both women and men. Philip Cohen persuasively asserts that we should stop bemoaning this change and adapt to a world in which fewer adults marry.”

My Comment: The family is the foundation of civilization and it will exist as long civilization exists. In the past, Bolsheviks dreamed of free sex and raising children in boarding schools, but nature always returns everything to its place. The main thing is to constantly try to strive for harmony with nature by studying it.

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  1. I think the article shows how out of touch with reality the New York Times truly is. If you go to many women’s forums, there are constantly questions such as ‘why wont men commit?’ or ‘How can I get him to pop the question?’ Go to men’s forums and there is very rarely any question about marriage. Most men have little interest in finding a wife. It appears the US has a sharp decline in the demand for wives rather than husbands.
    A blogger post tittled “should men get married anymore” I think pretty much sums up mens feelings.
    They are tired of the mistreatment.

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