The Whole Is Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Wired): “Now, thanks to new observation technologies, powerful software, and statistical methods, the mechanics of collectives are being revealed. Indeed, enough physicists, biologists, and engineers have gotten involved that the science itself seems to be hitting a density-dependent shift. Without obvious leaders or an overarching plan, this collective of the collective-obsessed is finding that the rules that produce majestic cohesion out of local jostling turn up in everything from neurons to human beings. Behavior that seems impossibly complex can have disarmingly simple foundations. And the rules may explain everything from how cancer spreads to how the brain works and how armadas of robot-driven cars might someday navigate highways. The way individuals work together may actually be more important than the way they work alone. Aristotle first posited that the whole could be more than the sum of its parts.”

My Comment: The concept of the universality of any unity in which each ceases to feel himself but feels the collective whole is not new. Only it slips away from us who look at everything through our narrow egoism. Today, nature tells us the way to integrality because it is manifested so before us.

“The unification of pieces into a coherent whole creates a special power and property that does not exist in a simple sum of them because they are united above and overcoming their egoism.

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