The Boundaries Of The Egoistic Integration

Dr. Michael LaitmanMan is a social creature, which means that he depends on everyone and everyone depends on him, but this is revealed gradually.

All of human history is the essence of the social revelation of man. When he climbed down from the tree he lived in the society of the family or the tribe and then gradually expanded his social boundaries. On the one hand, the ego which separates him from others developed in him, and so he had property—a house of his own, his own field, his own camels, horses, sheep, servants… on the other hand, he became more dependent on others—one person became a blacksmith, another a shoemaker, a third became a tailor, another became a farmer, and they were all dependent on one another on the human level of exchanging goods and services. This is despite the fact that a person actually doesn’t want to give anything but only wants to take.

Thus the wheels of the global mechanism started moving since there was no other choice, although no one wanted to coordinate his actions with others. Society developed throughout history along two lines: a growing mutual dependence and a growing egoistic repulsion. People closed themselves by city walls and political borders until this irreversible process reached a dead end, as we have a big ego, and we all depend on one another. This is what is revealed to us today at the end of the two trends that started in the past and have shaped mankind.

Today we have no choice: We are totally dependent on each other and totally hate one another although neither aspect has been fully revealed yet, and we still have to discover this. On the whole, it is revealed by the upper Light that Reforms when we try to connect so that we can rise towards it.

Suppose we want to connect worldwide, what will be the benefit of such an action? By seeing the initial advantages of the connection, we will also see that we are very far from it, absorbed in evil. This is because good and bad are measured in contrast to one another. So time after time, by yearning for the good, for unity, we will rediscover a new evil, which is called the “war of Gog and Magog”—Armageddon…

On the whole, our general collective mechanism is operating now too if we look at it from a different level of clarification. The wheels are spinning and the parts are working. The question is whether you agree with the actions of this mechanism when they are revealed to you. This is how we should examine the situation, from a more mature level.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/10/12, “Peace in the World” 

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