Advancing Through The Points Of Adhesion

Dr. Michael LaitmanAll the troubles and the hardships that we come across, about which The Book of Zohar tells us, are interruptions on the way to adhesion. After all, if we were in adhesion, we wouldn’t need to explain anything or write about it. The only thing we lack is to reach adhesion—this is the correct request.

If my request is correct each time, I will constantly be in adhesion according to my request. I only need to ask, but the request has to be for the right and clarified absolute desire—relatively to the state I am in.

If I could request correctly now, I would reach adhesion, on my relative level, of course. Thus the desires, the conditions, the inner attributes and the external ones would change in me each time, and if I asked correctly I would advance straight from the bottom up through these points—from one point of adhesion to another.

So all our work is to ask correctly, when we clarify our request more and more accurately. There are many conditions for the preparation for this work: This whole world, the friends, the study, etc. all this is in order to clarify our request.

This world and the friends are the components of my desire that I need to clarify. The only thing demanded from me is a prayerMAN. Therefore, it says that every correction is performed by a prayer and good deeds by which we clarify our desire.

The book tells us about the desires we have to ask for in our prayers. Kabbalists don’t write about anything else but that, since you will discover everything else by yourself.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/11/12, The Book of Zohar

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