Ideal Integrality

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In our present state, are we capable of true integrality, the way it should be ideally?

Answer: No. True integrality is something we can study from analog systems, from ideal or closed natural states, where each part is dependent on all the other parts. They are all completely interconnected through an infinite number of connections at various levels. Each part defines all the others. It’s a particular kind of holographic, analog circuit, where both input, output, and all sorts of other states happen simultaneously, and therefore, it’s impossible to say who’s first, who’s last, and what follows what.

It is a system where everyone feels absolutely everyone else as oneself. It’s an inclusion of everyone into everyone in such a complete, absolute form that the self-interests of each part are not taken into account at all, and only the work of the entire system is considered—the system becomes the main thing. And then subdivisions occur within it of what is more important for it and what is less. Each part works for the entire system and sees itself only in the capacity of a giver to it. This is called “integral inclusion.”

Naturally, our egoistic nature is completely opposite to this state. We cannot become included into one another, we can only take in, sense, and be connected with each other to the extent that we are interested: by sympathizing, and so on.

Our nature is absolute egoism. We don’t notice what doesn’t pertain to our ego: Our sensory organs capture and communicate to us only whatever is useful or harmful to it. This is why altruism doesn’t appear to us as a possibility for existence. We usually replace it with some kind of partial alliances or by drawing closer to each other, but all of these aren’t true altruistic properties, which are described in the integral system, but are the very same egoism that works in certain relationship to others in order to co-exist and no more than that. In other words, we do not have anything to do with the true integral system.
From KabTV’s “Integral World” 11/27/12

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