It’s Impossible To Get Far On Bare Enthusiasm

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In the course of history there were plenty of attempts to create communes. Why didn’t nature respond and help them?

Answer: This is because while doing this we didn’t educate people. Everything was built exclusively by enthusiasts. Maybe these attempts were successful for some time, but eventually they fell apart because we didn’t engage in integral education of people.

We should have developed a person by showing him where his freedom of will lies. This freedom is in attaining homeostasis with nature, balance with others and with nature, so that he would fit into nature’s most general law, the law of balance.

All of nature is directed toward fulfilling this law. We see what takes place in all of nature’s parts. All of nature’s actions pursue a single goal: to attain balance and peace. Even enormous cataclysms, explosions, and different activities taking place are still nature’s strive toward peace and balance. After all, peace and balance within a human society is a law of similarity to nature, integration with it.

Therefore, the most important thing is the correct education, and nothing can be done without it. People have to understand this.

Comment: But for a certain period there was enthusiasm.

Answer: This was bare enthusiasm, built on simple impulse of motivation toward this and nothing more. Meanwhile, people must be educated and taught to unite! This is a whole science.

For this reason a person receives qualities from nature that allow him to educate and to pull himself forward. Nature will respond to our desire to grow in the same way it develops a small child. It is the same exact system. We will gradually teach ourselves and mother-nature will encourage us.
From KabTV’s “Integral World” 11/26/12

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