Why Give Pleasure To A Thought?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: For religious people the words “to please the Creator” or “ to give pleasure to Him” are understood. In terms of the integral mind, the Creator is nature. Thus, the words “give pleasure to nature” sound a little strange, as if you want to give pleasure to the law of gravity.

Answer: Imagine that nature is that same force that gives birth to and develops all organisms, all sensations, all intelligence, and all animate and inanimate things, absolutely everything.

Many people already understand that nature is universal and that it really has everything in it: also the concealed intellect and concealed feelings. We need to disclose them, invite them to a shared dialog. And you need to develop them up to the state where you feel all these attributes in nature.

Question: Does nature exist like a person and does it enjoy?

Answer: It is not only living, but the upper intellect exists in it as well. Talk to an astronomer, with astrophysicists, and they will tell you that the entire universe is intellect, it is thought. This is how they feel it.

Question: But why should I give pleasure to a thought?

Answer: You will feel yourself as part of it and will begin to understand that the development of the desires and your longings for that absolute bestowal, which is unconditional, and are what constitute the highest state.

When you bestow, then through you passes all the information, all the energy, all the pleasures, all the fulfillments to everything else. You are with God then, since you are at the highest level of nature. You enter into equivalence with it.

I understand that you still are missing some emotional expressions, but they will come gradually. After all, you previously did not feel many things in your life, you loathed them, you rejected them, and afterward you began to gradually feel them.

Remark: Theoretically, you can understand Indians; for example, generally it is easier to think that some kind of person enjoys, and not some law of nature which is hard to grasp.

Answer: Why not? Nature is a field; it is universal.

And an individual is something concrete, with volume, with specified borders. Nature is something that lacks borders, is limitless. It isn’t even our universe, but much higher and greater. We have no words to describe it.

And if a person invents for himself some upper force, then he really builds it in his image since, after all, he cannot describe it in another way.
From KabTV’s “Talks with Michael Laitman” 11/3/12

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