A Person Is Judged By His Deeds – Laitman Unplugged


  1. Quite interested in topic as described in email – different topic discussed in video. Is the question answered by the video’s title? Can more be learned about the posed question from the content of the video itself? Thank you

  2. It is totally true. I have a personal campaign against boxing. For instance, in my country, 52 weeks a year, every thursday there is channel that passes boxing. The only thing people see is violence. Besides that, the way the narrators describe the fights induce violence in the people. Now, boxing is not only practiced by men, but by women, little boys and even little girls.And, it is not difficult to see how people are getting more and more violent. Society admits this practice as a sport. The main Zar of this “sport” in Panama is considered a well respected gentleman. He refers to his activity as the “industry” he has to defend. It is interesting how blindly people go into this current of behavior without giving a thought to the damage created to all.

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